Section One: Voices– the origins of Chronamut’s ‘inner dialogues’

Section Two: A Twelfth Dimensional Being?!– an outline of what it is to exist on so many planes

Section Three: Nibiru and 950 Billion Years of Experience– an interdimensional family

Section Four: Why Are You Here?– the search for a daughter

Section Five: Shawn– IRL

Section Six: Dimensions– a brief overview of dimensional interaction

Section Seven: The Coming War– a dire omen for the future of reality

Section 1: Voices

[18:22] <Chronamut> hey

[18:22] <Chronamut> beautiful 🙂

[18:22] <Chronamut> stunning even

[18:22] <@ThreeJumps> Ok, so let’s jump straight in shall we?

[18:22] <Chronamut> not even a kiss first? 😛

[18:23] <@ThreeJumps> Ha, you wish. So the first question, and some might say the most obvious starting point for any interview is simple: When did you begin your spiritual journey?

[18:23] <@ThreeJumps> In this incarnation, at least

[18:23] <Chronamut> august

[18:23] <Chronamut> of last year

[18:24] <Chronamut> moer or less

[18:24] <Chronamut> since I was like 12

[18:24] <@ThreeJumps> Oh crikey, so before then you had no idea of your abilities or past?

[18:24] <Chronamut> however ive been seeing stuff and receiving things i didnt understand

[18:24] <Chronamut> indeed.

[18:24] <Chronamut> I was also talknig to crai before then but I had no idea what it was – just a comforting voicei n my head

[18:24] <@ThreeJumps> What was becoming aware of your abilities and past like?

[18:24] <@ThreeJumps> And indeed, Crai?

[18:25] <Chronamut> tbh it was also there – it was just a new understanding of what I was seeing

[18:25] <@ThreeJumps> Ok, so you’ve always been aware of… Voices?

[18:25] <Chronamut> just the one.. and an angelic presence with blonde hair

[18:25] <Chronamut> claria

[18:26] <Chronamut> and a bad oen that tried to make me do things

[18:26] <Chronamut> oh and anaare-il

[18:26] <Chronamut> *anare-il

[18:26] <Chronamut> yeah my mind was a party place at one time

[18:26] <@ThreeJumps> Haha, so it’s pretty far from just the one in actuality

[18:26] <Chronamut> it’s only one again

[18:26] <Chronamut> claria is there if i need to call upon her

[18:26] <@ThreeJumps> Ah, and have do they talk to you all the time or…?

[18:26] <Chronamut> but crai is really the only one left

[18:26] <Chronamut> of course not

[18:26] <Chronamut> crai may comment on things

[18:27] <Chronamut> or respond to thoughts i think

[18:27] <Chronamut> or things people say

[18:27] <Chronamut> its very structured

[18:27] <Chronamut> I can even speak on his behalf

[18:27] <@ThreeJumps> So it’s an internal dialogue, rather than most people’s simple monologue?

[18:27] <Chronamut> asindeed

[18:27] <Chronamut> well most people have a dialogue

[18:27] <Chronamut> but they assume its all them,

[18:27] <@ThreeJumps> Well, hello Crai!

[18:27] <Chronamut> which in a way is true from a general viewpoint

[18:27] <Chronamut> crai: oh hello child haha

[18:28] <Chronamut> also crai calls everyone hild except for a few people odler than him

[18:28] <Chronamut> *child

Section 2: A Twelfth Dimensional Being?!

[18:28] <@ThreeJumps> Ha, lovely. So, if you don’t mind- would you mind telling everyone reading this interview the full extent of your titles? I am aware that you are a golden child, but also a past life member of the d12 council?

[18:29] <Chronamut> yes d12 council – crai’s original name is crethis liun – he was given the title “enlightened archer) by those higher up for his involvement in the realm wars – which is what crai’riain stands for

[18:29] <Chronamut> he is also a god – the god of adaptability

[18:29] <Chronamut> he is also a king of an entire civilization in the neutral realm

[18:29] <Chronamut> there are many higher selves on this forum who actually serve under him

[18:29] <@ThreeJumps> Fascinating- are they aware of this servitude?

[18:29] <Chronamut> his father is the best elven hunter of the elves and his uncle is leader of the elves

[18:30] <Chronamut> yes they are

[18:30] <Chronamut> his mother was lady averi – lord of the heaven realm nastros-  she was killed by kronos

[18:30] <Chronamut> so crai was always kinda destiend for greatness

[18:30] <Chronamut> he currently commands about 40% of all the warriors across reality in the upcoming war

[18:30] <Chronamut> indeed

[18:30] <@ThreeJumps> Surely that lends some credence to the existence of these entities if they were already aware of their servitude to Crethis Liun?

[18:30] <Chronamut> must to the surpise of their hostts humorously enough

[18:31] <Chronamut> *much

[18:31] <Chronamut> they call crai “lord”

[18:31] <Chronamut> asa term of respect

[18:31] <@ThreeJumps> Well indeed, it would be surprising to find that your lord is communicating through some long-haired Canadian man!

[18:31] <Chronamut> crai’s hair goes down to his knees

[18:31] <@ThreeJumps> That’s a lot of hair

[18:31] <Chronamut> indeed

[18:31] <Chronamut> its also green

[18:31] <Chronamut> as he is half elven

[18:32] <@ThreeJumps> Do all elves have green hair, or just the half-elves?

[18:32] <Chronamut> elves can have any colour of hair

[18:32] <Chronamut> it matters not

[18:32] <Chronamut> many have black or silver

[18:32] <Chronamut> my father also has green hair

[18:32] <@ThreeJumps> Ah, was just clarifying. Most people aren’t even aware of the existence of elves, let alone their melanin distribution

[18:32] <@ThreeJumps> Your father?

[18:32] <@ThreeJumps> Tell me more about him

[18:33] <Chronamut>

[18:33] <Chronamut> thats what crai looks like

[18:33] <Chronamut> crai’s fathers name is Lethi redtree liun

[18:33] <Chronamut> he is part of the hunters of niburu bloodline

[18:33] <@ThreeJumps> Ah, now there’s a word everyone reading this will know!

[18:33] <@ThreeJumps> Niburu!

[18:33] <Chronamut> mmm

[18:33] <@ThreeJumps> Or is it Nibiru?

[18:33] <Chronamut> it matters not.

[18:34] <Chronamut> elves do not like outsiders and many loyal to crai do notl ikle elves

[18:34] <Chronamut> or his family

Section 3: Nibiru and 950 Billion Years of Experience

[18:34] <@ThreeJumps> Care to explain the existence of Nibiru to the readers?

[18:34] <Chronamut> well thats up for speculation but it is said to be a binary orbit planet that comes into our solar system every 3600 years

[18:34] <Chronamut> those annunaki that dwelt on it would force mankind to mine mono gold

[18:35] <Chronamut> which could be use to extend life

[18:35] <Chronamut> through various practices of it

[18:35] <@ThreeJumps> Mono gold you say?

[18:35] <Chronamut> innstead of poly gold

[18:35] <Chronamut> the composition of it

[18:35] <Chronamut> a very specific process

[18:36] <Chronamut> the annunaki on the planet have lived for a very long time

[18:35] <@ThreeJumps> Now, if I may ask

[18:36] <@ThreeJumps> And I know this is an embarrassing question for anyone

[18:36] <@ThreeJumps> But how old are you?

[18:36] <@ThreeJumps> You said you have been around for aeons

[18:36] <Chronamut> *chuckes* yes

[13:36] <Chronamut> I am 950 billion years old

[13:36] <Chronamut> give or take a century 😛

[13:37] <Chronamut> and i do mean one long live

[13:37] <Chronamut> not a combination of reincarnations

[13:37] <Chronamut> *life

[13:37] <Chronamut> I have never died

[13:37] <Chronamut> ever

[18:39] <ThreeJumps_> Excuse me

[18:39] <ThreeJumps_> NINE HUNDRED

[18:40] <ThreeJumps_> AND FIFTY

[18:40] <ThreeJumps_> BILLION

[18:40] <ThreeJumps_> YEARS

[18:40] <Chronamut> lol yes we do not perceive time the same way you humans do

[18:40] <ThreeJumps_> The Earth hasn’t even been around that long!

[18:40] <Chronamut> also all 12 dimensional beings are eternal

[18:40] <Chronamut> indeed – I am older than every human being on earth combined

[18:40] <ThreeJumps_> Woah

[18:40] <ThreeJumps_> That’s totally tubular

[18:40] <Chronamut> your history is a blip in our history hahaha

[18:40] <ThreeJumps_> Well

[18:41] <ThreeJumps_> mr 12th dimensional eternal being

[18:41] <ThreeJumps_> What is it like on the 12th dimension?

[18:41] <Chronamut> lol.. we have the same problems you have here

[18:41] <Chronamut> its just those in the 12th dimensional plane do mnot suffer from the same fear based prison you do

[18:41] <Chronamut> as a species

[18:41] <ThreeJumps_> I see

[18:41] <Chronamut> we may have out there notions

[18:42] <Chronamut> burt they are based off of naivity

[18:42] <Chronamut> not malice

Section  4: Why Are You Here?

[18:42] <ThreeJumps_> And now the all-important question

[18:42] <ThreeJumps_> If you are indeed an all-powerful superbeing from the D12 council

[18:42] <ThreeJumps_> What the hell are you doing in Canada of all places?

[18:42] <Chronamut> think of it like a celebrity gala screening of a movie

[18:42] <Chronamut> all the people in the know are there to bear witness

[18:42] <Chronamut> of course.. thats only the superficial answer

[18:42] <Chronamut> the truth of the matter is I came here to get someoen and things went awry

[18:43] <ThreeJumps_> Oh? That sounds like quite the story!

[18:43] <Chronamut> it is a sad story..

[18:43] <ThreeJumps_> Well… I’d be honoured to hear it?

[18:43] <Chronamut> the picture I showedyou of the girl is altiana, my daughter

[18:43] <Chronamut> princess altiana I suppose for the rest of you

[18:44] <ThreeJumps_> If we choose to recognise her patronage, you mean

[18:44] <Chronamut> for a time she dwelledo n earth and guarded one of the main atlantean gates

[18:44] <Chronamut> of course.

[18:44] <Chronamut> not that she has any sway in this realm

[18:44] <Chronamut> but still those that knew her loved her dearly

[18:44] <Chronamut> however I came here to meet up with her

[18:44] <Chronamut> but was ambushed when I got her

[18:44] <Chronamut> and she was lost

[18:44] <Chronamut> *here

[18:44] <Chronamut> she is now.. broken

[18:45] <Chronamut> it is rumoured she is still on earth either in india or the statesd

[18:45] <Chronamut> *states

[18:45] <ThreeJumps_> Broken?

[18:45] <Chronamut> those from the twisted eralms attacked me as I came here

[18:45] <Chronamut> yes.. the details are unclear to me

[18:45] <ThreeJumps_> How does a 12th dimensional being become broken?

[18:45] <Chronamut> the same way a 12th dimensional being dies

[18:45] <Chronamut> we are nit immune to the laws of the universe

[18:45] <Chronamut> *not

[18:45] <Chronamut> nooner is

[18:45] <Chronamut> not even timeless ones

[18:45] <Chronamut> *noone

[18:46] <ThreeJumps_> Well, if you know she’s still here then why don’t you find her?

[18:46] <ThreeJumps_> Surely the beings you are in contact with have the means?

[18:46] <Chronamut> the same way one cannot find their way to new york city if they are stranded in a desert

[18:46] <Chronamut> there are a possible 2 billion peopel she could be

[18:46] <Chronamut> and 12 dimensional beigns are forbidden to be here

[18:46] <Chronamut> as themselves

[18:46] <Chronamut> thus they must come in as 3 d beings

[18:46] <Chronamut> which cuts off the lens of clarity

[18:47] <Chronamut> and in most cases all knowledge

[18:47] <Chronamut> in this form I am handicapped

[18:47] <Chronamut> as is everyone here

[18:47] <ThreeJumps_> Hm…

[18:47] <Chronamut> still I have people on it

[18:47] <Chronamut> those in my realm are researching

[18:47] <ThreeJumps_> I had never thought of it like that

[18:47] <Chronamut> yes ther are many many limitations here

[18:48] <ThreeJumps_> Well, yes

[18:48] <Chronamut> for example i cannot make shawn do anythign without him wanting to do it

[18:48] <Chronamut> like a ship on autopilot

[18:48] <Chronamut> chron’s name is shawn

Section 5: Shawn

[18:48] <ThreeJumps_> Shawn?

[18:48] <ThreeJumps_> Is that the name of your human body?

[18:48] <Chronamut> lol yes of my incarnation

[18:48] <Chronamut> words have power

[18:48] <Chronamut> as do names

[18:48] <Chronamut> think of incarnateing asa list of things you want to shape your avatar

[18:48] <Chronamut> when they are born

[18:48] <Chronamut> under what sign

[18:48] <Chronamut> what name they will have etc

[18:48] <Chronamut> this sets out their entire personaltiy grid

[18:49] <Chronamut> nothing you do is unique

[18:49] <Chronamut> or unpreplanned

[18:49] <Chronamut> its simply that thsioe things you want to do

[18:49] <Chronamut> are things you woulda done neways

[18:49] <Chronamut> think of it like fate that you want to have as fatwe

[18:49] <Chronamut> *fate

[18:49] <Chronamut> you come here with a purpose

[18:49] <ThreeJumps_> Personally I see no evidence of fate

[18:49] <Chronamut> all your body initially does is rail against it

[18:49] <Chronamut> the human body is a holographic generator

[18:49] <Chronamut> projecting reality from its dna

[18:50] <Chronamut> if it wasnt in your dna

[18:50] <Chronamut> you would not see it as existing

[18:50] <ThreeJumps_> The human body is a holographic generator?

[18:50] <Chronamut> yes

[18:50] <Chronamut> and reality is holographic

[18:50] <Chronamut> at least in the eyes ofsource

[18:50] <ThreeJumps_> But we exist as matter, not light

[18:50] <Chronamut> liek a vr simulation

[18:50] <Chronamut> made up pof opening and closing gates of source particles

[18:50] <Chronamut> light is matter child

[18:50] <Chronamut> all mater is made from oscillating light and sound

[18:50] <Chronamut> its just vibrations

[18:50] <Chronamut> we perceive it as solid

[18:51] <ThreeJumps_> So if we shifted our perceptions

[18:51] <ThreeJumps_> took ourselves out of phase as it were

[18:51] <Chronamut> we qwould see more

[18:51] <Chronamut> thsoe in 12d

[18:51] <Chronamut> can see everything from 12d and down

[18:51] <Chronamut> if you phased to 5d

[18:51] <Chronamut> you would see things here disappear

[18:51] <Chronamut> and others reappear

Section 6: Dimensions

[18:51] <ThreeJumps_> Is there anything higher than 12d?

[18:51] <Chronamut> yes it goes all the way up to 15d

[18:51] <Chronamut> one reality for every circle of source creation

[18:51] <Chronamut> as there are 15 circles

[18:52] <Chronamut> anything abov 12d is the primal light and sound fields

[18:52] <ThreeJumps_> And do 12d beings have the same capacity to shift up dimensions that us 3d beings are supposed to have?

[18:52] <Chronamut> it’s complicated.. one can only raise to the level they came in as

[18:52] <Chronamut> once they reach the highest point tho they can choose to return to source and say.. birth as a planetm, or star

[18:52] <Chronamut> thsoe are collective or entities

[18:52] <Chronamut> they can send parts of themselves into lower realities

[18:53] <Chronamut> the metatron colletive is one such instance

[18:55] <Chronamut> I wish you could see what I see – however perhaps you will – you still have yet to see where you fit into all this and contact your own higher selves.. we all have them – some even share the same higher selves.. although I have yet to see that here.

[19:03] <ThreeJumps_> So, you believe I may yet have a place in this?

[19:05] <Chronamut> yes

[19:05] <Chronamut> we all do

[19:05] <Chronamut> anyone who has interacted on ss

[19:05] <Chronamut> is related in some way

[19:05] <Chronamut> nothnig is chance and there are no coincidences

[19:06] <Chronamut> many of us knew each other before this

[19:06] <ThreeJumps_> Oh wow

[19:06] <ThreeJumps_> Like whom?

[19:06] <ThreeJumps_> If I may ask

[19:06] <Chronamut> brodyimmortalis

[19:06] <Chronamut> sirian

[19:06] <Chronamut> spiralout

[19:06] <Chronamut> dux

[19:06] <Chronamut> SSD1805

[19:06] <Chronamut> yoshua

[19:06] <Chronamut> nobody

[19:06] <Chronamut> wasdramer

[19:06] <ThreeJumps_> Wow

[19:06] <Chronamut> yes

[19:06] <Chronamut> all interconnected

[19:07] <ThreeJumps_> I know Sirian is another golden child, right?

[19:07] <Chronamut> yes

[19:07] <Chronamut> nobody was a lord of the twisted realms

[19:07] <Chronamut> yoshua has 2 higher selves that are lords

[19:07] <Chronamut> #2 and #5

[19:07] <Chronamut> in the twisted realm heirarchy

[19:07] <Chronamut> alexofterra has a 13th dimensional being he calls “bob

Section 7: The Coming War

[19:07] <ThreeJumps_> Hm… Do you sense anything from me you may know of?

[19:07] <Chronamut> he also has access to what is called the crux

[19:07] <Chronamut> haha I felt a warm familiarity

[19:08] <Chronamut> I am very good at reading people

[19:08] <ThreeJumps_> Oh?

[19:08] <Chronamut> we shall have to see where you fit in the puzzle now shant we

[19:08] <Chronamut> and only you can determine that for yourself

[19:08] <Chronamut> mind you others may help

[19:08] <ThreeJumps_> Indeed. We shall have to find out.

[19:08] <Chronamut> but the higher self cannot tell you anything you do not alreay know

[19:08] <ThreeJumps_> Well, we should wrap this up

[19:09] <Chronamut> alright

[19:09] <ThreeJumps_> Lastly, do you have any final words as a 12th dimensional megabeing prince of Elfdom?

[19:09] <Chronamut> *shrugs* prepare for the upcomnig war

[19:09] <Chronamut> it shall permeat all realities

[19:09] <ThreeJumps_> War?

[19:09] <Chronamut> yes it seems another realm war is brewing

[19:09] <Chronamut> *sigh*

[19:10] <ThreeJumps_> What’s wrong?

[19:10] <Chronamut> balance can never be maintained

[19:10] <Chronamut> although to you it may seem liek ti lasts a long time

[19:10] <Chronamut> to us its a blink of an eye

[19:10] <ThreeJumps_> Well I suppose it is up to us to be the arbiters of balance.

[19:10] <Chronamut> its impossible

[19:10] <Chronamut> ony can only maintain

[19:10] <Chronamut> you cannot control others

[19:11] <Chronamut> i mean many are coming to the sause of simply not interfering

[19:11] <Chronamut> but there will always be conflict

[19:10] <ThreeJumps_> Inspiring stuff

[19:11] <ThreeJumps_> thank you so much Chronamut

[19:11] <ThreeJumps_> and indeed, by proxy, Shawn

[19:11] <Chronamut> no problem


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