The Study of Spirit is an academic project, privately funded and produced by ‘ThreeJumps’, a 23-year-old journalist from England. Me. It has arisen from a need to uncover the truth, which has driven not only my journalistic career but has also dominated my personal life. It’s been tough, and I have been through countless hardships and in spite of youth have experienced levels of poverty and suffering beyond those of my peers. Either way, the authorship of this blog is unimportant:

The important thing is the content.

I may not know the truth yet, and the jury may be out on a few of the finer details, but what I do know is that every individual on the planet is blessed with a soul, a body and a mind capable of uniting the two. Over the centuries we have rejected this, and refuse to believe anything which cannot be quantified. We have thrown away our instincts, and transcended the bonds of nature to become the dominant species of the planet, yet there is so much which we as individuals refuse to control.

This is not a holiday from rationality, or some personal vendetta against some new-world-order, or society at large; this is about fact, the pursuit of truth and the emergence of the power of the self. It is about making each and every human alive today realise their true potential, and this blog is simply the starting point for the few who wish to read it.

We have transcended nature, now it is time to transcend the nature of the self.

Thank-you for reading,


Crash and burn!


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