The Merkabah Project: Where I’ve Been

So, it’s been a while.

Now I know what you’re thinking: Terminal laziness, personal problems, wavering faith and relationship issues have dragged me from the daily release of these ridiculous articles. You’d be right, but only to a point- while away (trying to get my ragged life back up and running) I have been conducting some tireless research into something which may be of help to all of us.

I call this research The Merkabah Project.

Since you’re reading this article I presume that you’ve at least a little rudimentary knowledge of what a Merkabah consists of. If not, well there’s nothing wrong with that at all; not knowing something isn’t a flaw, and this old article should compile all the basics down. Nothing like getting caught up to speed, right?

Anyway, as Chronamut so kindly commented on the article above, the research I conducted back then was incomplete. I didn’t touch on any of the Katharic Merkabah Models, partially because I don’t put any faith in a system based on payment for guarantees of ascension, but also because Metatronic and other “Dark” Merkabahs at that point were out of my field. They were based more on the suppositions of learned individuals, rather than evidence or cultural artefacts, so the phenomena were hardly verifiable, and as such had no place on this blog.

Anyway, this absence has given me time to re-examine some of the evidence, do a little theory work and- in essence- discover something abundantly vital to the advancement of the Spiritual Sciences. Namely: Merkabahs exist, and are completely and utterly within our grasp. Oh, and you don’t have to give £170 to a crook for the privilege of having the information.

An Induction Forge: A Key Element Of This Research

So, what evidence have I compiled, where did it come from, why am I calling Ashayana Deane a crook and why the hell should you listen to me? Well, for the sake of thoroughness, credibility and transparency I’m going to be publishing a series of Merkabah Project articles to explain exactly how this information was found, revealed to me and ultimately culminated in some theories. I’m going to take you through experiments, create some videos showing their results (not just selling them to you an expecting you to subscribe to my outlandish notions) and hopefully show you that the light of the truth isn’t found “out there”- it’s within us all.

Where to start? Well, this is an introduction, so I suppose I’ll summarise my proposal in as abridged a format as I can. Thus:

The Merkabah Project is a Study of Spirit intensive study, which will investigate, illuminate and most importantly prove the existence of the psuedo-scientific phenomenon of the Merkabah. The Merkabah itself will be explained in both faith-based terms, as well as backed up by the validity of conventional science.

By performing a series of recreate-able experiments, and showing my results the credibility of this study should be ensured, as well as the implications it has for other faith systems.

This project began due to a disbelief, but has grown into something which can actually be sustained, observed and reported as fact, and as such we can observe exactly what is meant by the term “Merkabah”.

In case you hadn’t guessed, I’ve been working pretty hard.

So, a table of contents for the coming days:

  1. Where I’ve Been (Introduction)
  2. Aetheric Construction
  3. Conventional Applications of Pre-Existing Merkabahs
  4. Application of Theoretical Geometry
  5. Materials
  6. The Lucifer Experiment: Mars and Earth
  7. The Construction of a Synthetic Merkabah
  8. Applications Of Merkabah Science
  9. Conclusion

Yeah. Chapter 7 is going to be pretty important. I’m rigging up a bunch of standard cameras, but am also borrowing a spectrometer from the local university, as well as  several nonstandard capture devices to observe results outside the visible spectrum.

I can’t wait to show you what I’ve found.



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2 responses to “The Merkabah Project: Where I’ve Been”

  1. ladydraigen says :

    Glad you’re back!

  2. Dru Claire says :

    Will you be completing this? I’d love to have the rest of this information.

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