Astrology 2: Charts, Signs and Whaaaaaat?!

So yesterday I may have had a little too much fun debunking the evils of mainstream astrological products but right now we’re going to rage hard into brass-tacks. It’s time, my friends, to get mathematical.

Now, if the validity of Sacred Geometry has taught us anything it’s that numbers have power; as such understanding this phenomenon can be one of the most beneficial undertakings a three-dimensional being can embark upon. It’s not easy, if it were then it’d probably be worth doing, and far more people would know the fundamental laws behind not only science but the very nature of reality itself.

Astrology is, at its heart, a mathematical science. I’d like to stress again (because it’s so fucking important) that this does not include the prediction of the future by amateurish frauds who work for the tabloid press. Rather, astrology is a study which utilises various factual data (which is embedded into every human being at birth) to ascertain various attributes pertaining to the person in question.

It’s pretty trippy stuff.

So, what can be gathered about a person at birth? Well, aside from obvious physical factors (gender, race, disabilities and such) there are a number of spiritual elements assigned which are prerequisites for the smooth-running of pure astrology. These factors are all incredibly simple once you know what you’re looking for, and are identified thusly:

  • YEAR OF BIRTH: Defines Chinese Zodiac as well as some equinox stuff too complicated to go into right now.
  • DATE OF BIRTH: Defines Babylonian Zodiac or “Star Sign”.
  • TIME OF BIRTH: Calculates your Babylonian “Rising Sign”, which identifies how you interact with others.
  • PHYSICAL STUFF: Gender, location of birth, who and where on the Earth you are and how that relates to you.

Yeah. That’s a lot more than reading Cosmo and finding out you should eat fewer carbs this month.

Anyway, put all of that stuff together and you end up with a complex astrological chart which, while occasionally seeming a little “cold-reading”-y, is still an often eerily accurate representation of the person to whom the chart belongs.

Oh God Help It's Too Much

Now, once you’ve got a hold of this chart- called a “Natal Chart“- with its vertexes and its bizarrely awkward interpretive structure you’re pretty much back to square one as far as credibility is concerned. How can a chart like this define how a person turns out, where does this leave free will and who the hell believes what the Babylonians had to say anyway?

Well, why not try it for yourself? All you need is your Date of Birth, Time of Birth and Place of Birth and you’re off to a rip-roaring start! No, seriously, it’s great fun even if you’re just going to laugh at it:

Ok? You done with that? Good. Now, if you’ve noticed an undeniable likeness to your own life, personality or upbringing then read on, if not then oh well, you got to put personal information into a computer screen and have it spirograph up some pretty data for you. Either way, you’ve probably noticed at least some validity to the words which just printed themselves on the screen, at least enough to listen to some actual data regarding the scientifically-proven validity of these bizarre charts?

It wouldn’t be a Study of Spirit article without quoting some obscure and little-known (yet entirely checkable) study performed by some weird scientists thirty years ago, so let’s take a look at one such instance!

Commercial astrology has been legitimately disproved by a study conducted in the 1950s performed by Theodore W. Adorno, who studied several astrological columns in various places (some more reputable than others) who concluded that their findings had no basis in factual reality. Their statements, he found, bore no resemblance to any world events and were relevant only on a personal level. Adorno, very simply, concluded that: “Astrology was a large-scale manifestation of systematic irrationalism, where individuals were subtly being led to believe that the author of the column was addressing them directly through the use of flattery and vague generalizations.”

This work was ratified in more recent years by the scientist Shawn Carlson’s “blind experiment”, which challenged 28 professional astrologers (not capitalist, journalist hacks as investigated by Adorno) to match 100 natal charts to 100 psychological profiles generated with the most up-to-date methodology available: The CPI (Calafornia Psychological Inventory). Needless to say, Carlson’s findings were that statistically natal charts were akin to a random stab in the dark, or in his words: “No better than chance.” His findings were published in Nature in 1985, and showed that the testing clearly and definitively “refutes the astrological hypothesis.”

There was discord caused by the last article, which was my own personal experience, but this is scientific data collated over fifty years. Astrologers cannot tell the future, and apparently can’t really divine anything from a natal chart. This is scientific fact.

Or is it?

In a wider sense modern scientific theory considers astrology a ‘pseudoscience’, being dismissed by even the great Bart J. Bok, who said: “We can see how infinitesimally small are the gravitational and other effects produced by the distant planets and the far more distant stars. It is simply a mistake to imagine that the forces exerted by stars and planets at the moment of birth can in any way shape our futures.”

It must be noted, however, that Carl Sagan himself (praise be upon him) declined to sign the statement, which was itself signed by other prominent members of the astronomic community. This is more telling than we can ever let ourselves believe. We could simply theorise that Sagan, a popular figure in the media, did not want to cause upset to his many fans who did believe in astrology as a viable derivative of astronomy, however the truth of the matter is far less sinister.

Sagan, an honourable man would not lie. He is renowned for his honesty, frankness and absolute belief in the beauty of the universe. He wouldn’t sign anything refuting something which he did not fully disbelieve, and if even an iota of belief in synchronicity or astrology remains in his mind following his obvious exposure to scientific studies to the contrary then we owe it to him to remain open-minded. It’s that simple.

There is, however, more compelling evidence than the reputation of a man for whom millions have the utmost respect, and that is in the form of what is known as the “Mars Effect”. I’m going to go into it more in the third instalment of this series of articles, because holy shit it pretty much confirms that astrology actually affects us, but for now I’ll abridge the information in as thorough a way as I can:

The Mars Effect in action.

The Mars Effect is the popular name given to a study performed by French scientist Michel Gauquelin in 1955, which utilised natal charts and astronomical data to track the movements of Mars in relation to the birth of notable sportspeople. What the study revealed was incredible, and is considered by many to be the first piece in a puzzle revealing the true power of astrology; people born with prominent “Mars” signs were far more physically adept than their non-Martian counterparts.

Wait what?!

Given what we know about the nature of the Martian people (spirit science 12, go watch it) does this not make perfect sense? And this is still observable today?! And the experiments can be replicated and may well be used in the selection of athletes for the upcoming 2012 Olympics?! What the fuuuuuuuck?!

It’s not just Mars either, Gauquelin found correlations of diurnal positioning between different celestial objects- most notably planets in our solar system- and other professions. Doctors, Lawyers, Journalists, they were all there and almost all of them had skillsets relating to astrological data. It was mindblowing, and of course took heavy flack. Gauquelin was accused of selective auditing, and fiddling the data, but after nearly sixty years the experiments and data still hold up! It’s a modern miracle!

Tomorrow, I’ll explain it fully in the final instalment of Astrology, Astrology III: The Mars Effect! But for now, just know that while there are frauds out there there is of course that 99% truth to everything that the devil will use to fuel his 1% hatemachine.

Man I can’t wait to write tomorrow’s article. Maybe to make up for lost  time I’ll write it today.

Crash and burn!


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One response to “Astrology 2: Charts, Signs and Whaaaaaat?!”

  1. seraphnb says :

    A warning to users of the above-linked Natal Chart generator: beware that sites like these would be the perfect fronts for sites that just want to find out more about you. You type in your name, date of birth, location of birth, gender … I would suggest not to plug in information that isn’t publicly viewable on your Facebook.

    As for accurate astrological news goes, I would quickly point a finger towards AstroGeek895, who runs a blog over at I suggest that everybody goes and gives him a look. He specializes in seeing how the movement of the planets through the signs of the Zodiac effect human life and behavior. I have found that his predictions have been deadly accurate. And nothing is really personal, so no cold readings!


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