The Truth?

Today’s article is more of an editorial than a case study, but there has been more emphasis and personal investment in the investigation of this issue than most of my articles.

As most of you reading will know, I am an “Ascended Moderator” on the forum of the popular Spirit Science website. It’s full of some brilliant people and is one of the most spiritually diverse communities I have ever encountered, with sceptics, believers and deceivers all in their droves.

Tonight, I will be discussing the misinformation provided by one of the members of the forum. Whether this deception is intentional or not I do not know, and I am not calling this person a liar, merely saying that their evidence- when checked- was falsified.

First off, a little background information without which this article would make no sense:


Kathara is a belief system based around the belief in spiritual geometry, channelling and alien abduction. It is, according to some “Theonly true path to physical ascension.” On a personal level that stinks to high heaven- for people on a forum dedicated to love and light to expect people to adhere to one dogmatic belief system is hypocritical, and merely rebalances the distribution of power in their favour.

The books also cost in excess of US$ 150, which is a lot for a system which wants to “help” people. This article isn’t here to cast doubt on Kathara though, just to offer another look at the information.

It is from this belief that the belief in “Realms” springs, and it may very well be true, so for the love of all Gods don’t judge people based upon their belief in anything, because nobody really knows.


As I’ve covered in articles in the past the universe is separated into different dimensions, realities and realms. This is important, as it is the entire basis for the belief system which some users of the Spirit Science forum are beginning to propagate, and it is a system based on fear, ego and self-importance. The theory of “Higher Selves” has been discussed on this blog before, and I’ve received no evidence of their existence, but rather have reason to believe the people purporting to be in contact with them.

There are many people on toe forum who claim to be in contact with these beings, and for the mostpart they are kind, wonderful individuals who sincerely believe in the message that they are putting out there. There is nothing which can prove or disprove the fact that they hear voices, and personally I see no reason for the vast majority of people to lie about that fact.

It’s the statements they make which I call into question.


Everyone knows what evidence is- it’s the basis for scientific method and one of the most important things in the world if one is hoping to prove something to be true. I don’t really need to explain this at all, but at the same time it is worth mentioning that evidence almost never exists in matters of faith.

There is another kind of evidence though, in logical points derived from past statements. It is not the same as conjecture, which is something far more dire, and is often used to mask the truth.

Ok, now that’s out of the way, let’s get on with this:

In March of 2012 a thread was posted on the Spirit Science forum by veteran moderator and all-around good guy Chronamut. His threads are usually quickly derailed, as they rely heavily on evidence provided by his higher self “Crai”. They also are usually based in Kathara, as well as the existence of an otherworldly hierarchy who all seem to co-exist on Spirit Science; it is this which has caused him some of the most problematic and aggressive responses the forum has ever seen.

Chronamut, you see, claims to be a 12th dimensional half-Elven king from the Nibiru bloodline. Now, when you call yourself a king you elevate yourself over other people- as far as most people are concerned anyway- and that makes people angry. When you then make threads proclaiming people known to be your friends to be “lords and ladies” of various realms you place them on pedestals, elevating them too, and that makes people more mad.

Linguistically these monarchistic terms are seen as egotistical, especially when wielded by people in ‘power’ (such as it exists on a forum), and when people are seen as egotistical and act in a condescending manner… Well, you know the deal.

Personally, I understand exactly what Chronamut and his sympathisers are saying, and I want to clear that up right now for the sake of neutrality: As far as they’re concerned “Lord”, “King”, “Queen”, and all their derivatives are no more important than “peasant”. They don’t mean to come over as uppity, it’s just a choice of words which hasn’t benefited them thus far. Whether they have treated you in a caustic manner or not it is important to understand that their choice of words as far as their titles are concerned are not what you should be critiquing.

Anyway, back to that thread- this new one referred to what Chronamut referred to as a “Realm War”, and sparked fierce controversy on the forum, which has culminated in this article.

Ok, so the thread itself focused on an apparently upcoming war which would envelop all of reality and was known implicitly by people on the higher realms. The argument escalated more and more as opposition was voiced, and as always the exact same questions posited to those who believed in Kathara and spoke the views of their higher selves:

“Why should anyone believe you?”

Now, no-one was calling anyone a liar- the times stated didn’t add up (some people said the war began in 2003, some said it had yet to come and some said it was being fought using social mediums such as the Occupy movement) and a lot of it seemed very self-serving. Even so, the motives for the thread were pure, and there is no real problem with people speaking about things of this magnitude if they’re willing to behave like adults when they’re asked for proof.

Everyone acted admirably, but proof was not forthcoming. People, as always, claimed that theycould prove it, but refused to for whatever reason (I myself was accused at one point of being a ‘dark shadow’, the enemy of all light). Eventually one user- a notorious follower of the “Higher Self” principle named AlexofTerra- stepped up to the task, but said he would only speak in PM.

I’m not going to post what he told me in private, because that would be unethical, but the evidence he gave me is as follows:

  • The Occupy movement is being used by members of a shadow-society “Bent on world domination” to fight a ‘shadow-war’.
  • Two months into the movement several members of “Occupy L.A.” were arrested under a gang-violence initiative. This was a cover and the members were in fact members of a group named “Zhizhe” (Wise Man in Chinese).
  • AlexofTerra had evidence of a bank transfer showing funding by the group Zhizhe to the group as the foundation of a resistance cell under an alias (hence the gang bust).

AlexofTerra’s evidence copied from physical sheet:

Funding for November, 1011
El Loco Lobos – 10,000 USD

Instantly my mind was boggled: Someone claiming to know things on an implicit level (with multiple personalities and higher selves embedded into their consciousness) had actual evidence of the things they were claiming. It was, of course, shortlived.

After contacting several prominent members of the Occupy movement it became clear that the banking sheet, which of course I wasn’t allowed to see, was fraudulent. The amount, name of the financier and even the transfer date were completely out of sync with what Alex had told me. No checks of arrest reports or news reports could show the arrests of the members he had talked about, and of course neither the Zhizhe site or the news reports Alex spoke of existed any more. L.A. had used the gang control act to move protesters on, but not two months in, and there were no arrests of the kind of which he spoke.

Whether this information was given to him fraudulently or whether he was simply making it up I don’t know, and he hasn’t answered me so I may never know, but it casts doubt on every piece of information these people have given us. Zhizhe doesn’t exist, the named benefactors didn’t donate that volume of money (or even exist) and no reports exist of the things he speak. What’s to say that anything these people have to say is true?

This is speculation. Conjecture. It is not definitive evidence that anyone is intentionally defrauding anyone, power grabbing or being a cult, but if one person presents forged, baseless evidence and claims it as fact then it harms everyone who believes the same things as them. It harms their entire case, and in actuality it’s that which matters. I’m not calling anyone a liar, and even AlexofTerra is above any degree of blame or defamation. He may well have been as lied to as the rest of us.

All I’m saying isask. Ask the questions people don’t want to answer- the awkward questions. Find the truth. Without the truth there is the danger of dissonance, and in dissonance there is hatred and in hatred there is war.

Oh, and always cross-reference your evidence.


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3 responses to “The Truth?”

  1. Chronamut says :

    crai: this is why I choose to discuss general wisdom, an not factual information, since clearly I cannot prove anything outside of this reality, nor do I feel the need to take on that headache.

    • thestudyofspirit says :

      Absolutely, Crai- if anything I’m attempting to show how inoffensive your movement is, and pointing out the need to cross-reference statements said to be true. If we’re going to find the truth I’d much rather it was together rather than separate!

  2. seraphnb says :

    Oh, you should have just linked to the interview. Come on- you act as if you never take my advice!!! 😦

    22 years old and loving it,

    PS- @Chronamut- I actually laughed. 😛

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