The God Particle

So, physics is pretty interesting, right? Finding the rules which define our universe is always a noble goal, and of course it’s so mind-blisteringly complicated that only the very smartest can comprehend its true intricacies.

Even so, science is free to be studied by everyone! It’s not like the Catholic church pre-Lutherance wherein the bible was available only in Latin, meaning only the clergy could read it. Physics may be complex, but its goal is pure and it is free to all. In short, if you can read then you can partake in the glorious world of science!

I guess that’s why I find the world of science so appealing- there’s no secrecy to the whole affair. It’s simple measured cause and effect, free from the dubious drudgery of being visited by celestial beings, or the flat-out obvious lie that is a text only a certain, messianic individual is allowed to read. If someone falsifies the findings of an experiment then you can simply look into the matter yourself to refute their findings.

It’s a lot more progressive than faith, and yet without a certain degree of faith, science- and physics in particular- feels particularly barren.

So, if science is a quest to figure out how the world around us works, then surely a great place to start is figuring out how it came to be; discounting deities and cosmic intervention, there has to have been some kind of cataclysmic event which defined the way we all turned out today. The most popular theory of this event is what’s commonly known as the “Big Bang”, in which all matter in the universe was exploded from one central point, and was attributed mass accordingly.

Logically, since all matter continues to have mass we can extrapolate back the event which caused the Big Bang, but that’s where things get tricky: There’s a missing piece to the ever-expanding cosmic puzzle, which looks almost… Deliberate.

In his book A Brief History of Time the world-renowned physicist Prof. Stephen Hawking explains that in spite of his fervent explanations of events which before him had been attributed to divinity there is concrete evidence that conscious effort was put into tweaking the universe into existence. The evidence, he said, is in the very fabric of the universe itself- in the precisely calibrated charge of every proton, and the ‘perfect’ mass of every particle.

To summarise his work: The reason we live in a universe which can sustain life is that there has been some cosmic force which has endeavoured to create an environment which can sustain it. The charge on an atom isn’t just coincidental, to his mind (the smartest man on the planet) as without the precise level of charge and mass each contains it is flat-out impossible for electrical impulses to occur, and for corporeal life to manifest.

So, what defines this charge, and this mass? Well, theoretical physicists have worked for decades trying to figure it out, and there have been two wondrous developments in the world of scientific intrigue which are helping develop our understanding of how the world works. The first is the “implied discovery” of the Higgs Boson by the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at C.E.R.N., and the second is a little-known theory called Negative Space Architecture.

The Higgs Boson

If scientists love two things in this world it’s hilariously-named cocktails and smashing stuff. The LHC is responsible for two of these things, however one product it has achieved is a lot more noteworthy than the other. For once, I’m not talking about the “Black Hole”, which is one part gin, two parts gin and another part gin, so named because after two no words can pass the event horizon of your mouth.

No, this time I’m referring to the Higgs Boson, the so-called “God Particle”, which defines the mass of every particle in the universe.

Higgs Bosons haven’t existed with any observable effects since the instant of our universe’s genesis, wherein they ‘wrote’ the laws of physics which govern every physical law we understand today. In short, discovering them simply by smashing other stuff together would mean that we finally understood the very nature of the universe, and would redefine everything we knew to such an extent that science would be back to square one.

It’s a pretty momentous discovery- but guess what, even the LHC which is so big that it spans multiple countries hasn’t been able to find it yet.

What they have found, however is what we call an implied discovery- which feeds into the next section of the article, whereby we observe exactly what isn’t detectable which should be following an experiment. In the LHC’s logs of their innumerable world-breaking experiments are several inconsistencies unexplainable by modern science, and they’re completely changing the way we look at the world, dimensions and even theology. We’re on the verge of something incredible here, and the discovery of this ‘God Particle’, or ‘Antimatter’ or ‘Spirit Ion’ or whatever could finally prove the existence of other planes of reality, as well as all spiritual theory.

I’m pumped.

Negative Space Architecture

Everyone reading this will have heard of Sacred Geometry, of that I have no doubt, but have you ever heard of a fantastic chap named Roger Anthony Essig? Well, if you haven’t, then check this out:

The theories of Sacred Geometry, whether they are the Phi Ratio, the Fibonacci Spiral or the Flower of Life are being spotted more and more in what we already know about science. Human beings are, of course, trained to spot patterns in anything- it’s why the Rorschach test works, but when it comes to coincidences of this magnitude… Well, we don’t disregard something like this because of how commonsensical it is.

Still, this article isn’t the place to discuss the legitimacy of Sacred Geometry, I’ll let Drunvalo Melchizedek (who admittedly claims to be born in 1850 as a Taos woman, rather than as Bernard Perona in 1941 as he actually was) argue that side for you, but for the time being let’s just focus on the work of Essig. Is it just co-incidence that the “Flower of Life” and the initial stages of human cell division are identical? Is it coincidental that classical music and Pythagorean theory are almost undeniably intertwined? Probably not, but who cares!

Anyway, Roger Anthony Essig discovered that by modelling the Flower of Life in 3D some incredible geometric “coincidences” began cropping up. As a spiritually-aware person, we can presume that Essig knew of the ‘Platonic Solids’- a group of 3d geometric shapes which form practically everything we can observe here on Earth. They are as follows:

These manifest themselves at spiritually-relevant points within the shape (lending Melchizedek a little more credibility as they do so), however just with the LHC it’s what we don’t see which is the truly fascinating bit. You see, just at the Merkabah and the icosahedron are integrally linked, so too are the Platonic Solids and “Negative Space Architecture”. What we see emerging from the Flower of Life isn’t just the platonic solids we all know and love, but another platonic solid thought mathematically impossible.

The reason we call this theory “Negative Space” is because we are observing the parts ‘in-between’ conventional mathematical theory, and that’s where this new platonic solid comes in. It has two sides, three vertices and no definable edges. The faces of this solid are congruent with geometric theory, and it is this modelling of the Flower of Life which has led to their discovery. Physically, they look like three-dimensional versions of the ‘petals’ of the Flower- the yellow area on the image to the left.

Because of the incredibly low “load” of these “petals” they are able to be physically smaller than anything else in the universe. Because of that, it stands to reason that they in turn would be not only unobservable by say the Large Hadron Collider, but by the human eye. They could also explain the effects of consciousness on quantum events proved by the “Double Slit Experiment” (and written about right here).

It is only thanks to Essig’s 3D modelling of the Flower of Life that we have been made aware of this form, and hopefully by further understanding the intricate link between spirituality, sacred geometry and conventional science we will be able to prove so much of what was once lost. I’m not one to believe in any dogmatic system of belief without viable evidence, but this…

Well, how much more viable than undermining current mathematical theory can you get?


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  1. Chronamut says :

    don’t forget that the hadron collider also has a very dangerous possibility of creating “strangelets” which could irradiate the entire planet instantly if ever created.

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