Dimensions With A Vengeance

Ok, now that we’ve gone over what dimensions are and proving they exist, let’s go for the most important part of any subject: How can we experience these other planes for ourselves?

Well, physical transmission to other frequencies is very, very difficult, and only a few people in the known history of the world have ever managed to complete this ascension. Since the difference between dimensions is essentially vibrational frequency, and consciousness affects matter on a quantum level, one must have a very high level of consciousness to modify their frequency.

There are several notable examples of this in religious texts, Jesus’ ascendancy, the rebirth of Set, the many tales of Atlantean aetheric construction, but what we’re going to be concentrating on are documented methods that can supposedly be used to reach these other dimensions yourself. I have little to no scientific data on this, so bare with us- the theory is solid, but the proof- well, the proof is the experiences you have yourself.

Method 1: Astral Projection

Probably the most well-known dimension-hopping technique is Astral Projection, a method by which the consciousness of the person engaged in the activity leaves the body and travels in a space known colloquially as the “Astral Plane”.

This state can be induced in a number of ways- drugs, guided hypnosis, near-death experiences, brain-chemical imbalance- but the most common, safe and simple method is meditation. It is said that almost everyone with the willpower to do so can engage in astral projection, so really it’s just a case of practise.

The Astral Plane is home not only to people who are choosing to inhabit this space- dreaming humans accidentally end up there too, as well as astral beings ranging from the angelic to the demonic, but as it’s a purely perceptual reality nothing there can harm you. It’s also a massively rewarding experience, and can have massive benefits psychologically, as well as mentally.

There is never anything wrong with examining your consciousness.

Either way, without pricey equipment or even the need to leave the comfort of your bed this is the easiest method of experiencing another plane of existence, and I’d wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone. The validity of the phenomenon is always under scrutiny, as remote viewing has sketchy results at best, but at the same time the consciousness of lucid dreamers and astral projectors can be measured, and science has encountered startling results that point to this being a ‘real’ thing.

For some more information on how to experience this mind-altering and beautiful phenomenon, there’s plenty available out there, but the most comprehensive guides are probably http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html, and of course the spirit science lesson on Astral Projection! Oh, and don’t forget to check out my article on the Merkabah, which is a type of spatial vehicle used by beings which travel inter-dimensionally!


Method 2: Channelling

Channelling is one of those topics that spiritualism covers which I’m just not sold on. Schizophrenia, psychosis and just plain lying seems far more likely to me than pan-dimensional beings wanting to talk with people who usually end up very very rich by telling people what they want to hear. We must be aware that frauds exist- but at the same time there are some channellings which are unequivocally accurate, as proven by time.

Because of the validity of occasional channellers’ words (for example Edgar Kayce’s knowledge of geological phenomena like polar shifts which are now proven to be fact) does give at least a little credence to the reality of their claims. There is something to be said for the insights of humanity, but we must be careful as to whom we decide to trust.

The method of channelling isn’t exactly a method to experience other dimensions for yourself, merely a way of getting second-hand information from other beings who decide to talk to us. Indeed, the majority of people pray every day, and while those prayers generally go unanswered it should be noted that they are always heard, as conscious thought can be said to travel between dimensions, especially when coupled with such a powerful engine as belief and faith.

The danger of channelling, if indeed you do manage to get it to work, is that you must be sure to practise discretion with the information you receive. You’re speaking with something that’s not necessarily going to be entirely truthful, and may even just be a reflection of your own mental faculties communicating with you from your subconscious mind; whether you perceive it to be truth or not, it’s always best to meditate and check any information, whether the source is metaphysical, or just another person.

Until I do more research on this highly disputed practise I’m going to cite it as a method, but just put a disclaimer on it: Don’t believe anyone you don’t trust implicitly, and for the love of God if someone asks for money to talk to a dead family member don’t give it to them. People make small fortunes by defrauding the weak and proclaiming themselves to be spiritual leaders, and tragically some people even buy into their own bullshit and start spreading their ego all over their words like so much unwanted cream-cheese. Oh, and if you wanna read some of Edgar Cayce’s channellings, here you go: http://healing.about.com/od/edgarcayce/Edgar_Cayce.htm

Method 3: Research

You’d be astonished how much can be learned about the world around us simply by going out and enquiring as to what it all means! The world- and the spiritual world especially- is filled with ways that you can fill your head with all kinds of fantastical knowledge and experience.

The closest a lot of us get to astral travel or experiencing other worlds is going to be reading about them, and the more you learn the more you’re likely to find out how you can experience the stuff written about first-hand. Spirit Science is a great example of this, and will more than likely help you to experience your own life in a totally different way (I know it helped me).

Research is just a way of expanding our physical minds by filling them with knowledge. It’s just like G.I. Joe always said- knowing is half the battle! And if you’re battling ignorance, well… Knowing is 100% of the battle. The experiences we have in this life are all, in a way, a form of research- and if you believe the Jainist theory then every experience we have, good and bad, leaves an indelible Karmic mark on the soul which only goes to positively benefit our lives.

Just get out there and learn as much as you can! It’s the next best thing to actually doing it!

Method 4: Die

Now believe it or not I’m not recommending that anyone try this. Responsible, eh?

Death sucks. It’s not something any mortal wants to experience, and I’m not going to pretend not to know anything more than I do, so for the love of God don’t go killing yourself to experience other dimensions, because fuck it- that’d be stupid of you. Really, really stupid. Everyone dies, after all, and you’re alive for a reason; no matter how pointless it all seems. Life is hard, but we gotta give it our all, so that when we’re ready to kick the bucket we can smile, and say “I’m glad I lived my life.”

Either way, read my 21.3 grams article for more on the human soul and death, I just hope that you don’t face death with fear- not because I have any certainty, but because fear will only make our struggle harder. I love you all, readers. Just try not to die, okay?

Anyway, this seems like a good place to end our talks on dimensions- I hope you enjoyed this little series, and that you learned a little from it, even if you disagreed with what was said. Disagreement is, after all, just a way of personally re-affirming our own beliefs, and I’d love to hear what you chaps have to say about your own experiences, so please; discuss!

Get out there and experience life! Dimensions are just the background of our reality, and we ourselves are the main event. Not even egotistical. Perhaps Shakespeare himself said it best:

All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players

Is this about perceptual reality? Who knows. Perhaps the bard knows enough.


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4 responses to “Dimensions With A Vengeance”

  1. Chronamut says :

    you forgot method 5 – kathara – which is literally a physical instruction book for physical ascension. 😉

  2. Dux says :

    Great article as always, Three! Though I’d like to add to your last point re:death. People who have had experience with other dimensions usually don’t fear death … like, at all … or think it sucks. When you experience life outside your physical body you come to understand that death is an illusion. We don’t really disappear, we just change. But, I agree that killing yourself just to experience other dimensions is just plain wrong. It’s taking the gift you were given for granted because there’s so much awesomeness right in front if you just bother to truly look. We create our own realities regardless of what dimension we’re in. So, if you aren’t happy with the dimension you’re in, what makes you think you’ll be happy in another one?

    • Syadin says :

      Well said Dux, “If you aren’t happy with the dimension you’re in, what makes you think you’ll be happy in another one?”, and great article three, you never fail to keep me amused while reading. Keep up the good work.

  3. seraphnb says :

    Thank you for this article! I agree with numbers 2 and 3 more than you could ever imagine- thank you for putting those into more euphemic words then my characteristic bluntness. 😀 I will definitely be linking to this article in the future!

    On that note, I would like to critique something: I disagree with the categorization of lucid and NDEs under Astral Projection. I have always thought that astral was reached through meditation, lucid through sleep and NDEs through almost dying. All of them were types of Out-of-Body Experiences. However, after reviewing, I realized that I shouldn’t be so picky and what you have here is fine. In fact, great! Keep up the good work!


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