Dimensions 2: Dimens harder

Ok, the last article was a very, very brief overview of the spiritual view on dimensions as opposed to the mathematical view and I think it went pretty well. There were a couple of misnomers thrown in for good measure, but in the end it’s all basically a foundation for what is to come. This time we’ll be focussing on the theories supporting the existence of multiple realities and introducing interdimensional transit!

The first thing I’m going to explain to you is the quantum observation phenomenon as demonstrated by the infamous quantum double slit experiment. The experiment itself is pretty simple- matter, when shot through a sli- actually, there are a million YouTube videos which explain this better than I ever could. Here is just one of them:

Is your mind blown? Back in school this was one of the things which interested me the most about science, and at the same time caused the most intrigue as to what the ramifications could be for this incredible phenomenon. Why, if consciousness is not an issue in science, would the very act of observing something affect the way it acted, and why the hell would matter act like a waveform? Well, theorists have speculated on the matter for decades, and the current understanding of quantum weirdness is inconclusive at best.

The first theory of why this occurs is the “Quantum Immortality” theory, which speculates that when a person dies, since that person is incapable of perceiving a universe in which they are dead a parallel reality is created whereby they did not die. This theory is known colloquially as “the quantum machine-gun”, and is the very basis of the idea of a perceptual reality.

The second theory is that matter is not just matter. It is the possibility of matter, a wave and neither all at the same time- rather than being tied to just being one thing. This idea has been applied at great lengths to computing, and has been attempted as a means to replace binary mechanics to exponentially boost processing speed. It wouldn’t just be “Yes/No” any more in terms of computing, but rather “Maybe”, which is infinitely more powerful than anything.

There are a bunch more theories about why observation changes the outcome of the experiment, but for me the most compelling thing to come out of this experiment is the simple answer: “I don’t know.” That’s what it’s really all about- science has reached a point where something utterly bizarre has happened and there is literally no answer for why.

This is the opposite of what experiments are supposed to do.

For me though what this has ultimately proven is that human consciousness- whatever it may be- has some tiny effect upon matter in our dimension. This, as far as science is concerned, is nonsensical; why should the mere fact that a person sees something change how it behaves? Well, from a spiritual standpoint it’s pretty obvious to answer: “Well, why shouldn’t it?”

The theory of ‘higher dimensions’, or planes of existence is based around this very idea; the idea that human beings can interact directly with matter with nothing more than their ability to observe, and a little willpower. Naturally, we’re existing in a corporeally based reality, in that as far as we know nothing more than the physical exists, however the fact remains that quantum science has proven that conscious observation alters that reality. The conclusion we draw from that?

Perception. Alters. Reality.

It would be flat-out ignorant of us to ignore the first-hand experiences of people who claim to know more with regards to why this is the case, and when you realise that these stories all corroborate one another (with the exception of Kathara, which I’ll be discussing in a little while) which is a colossal web of lies to have set up and maintain. Unless it’s not lies. Which would make more sense. Because hundreds of people who’ve never met or spoken before couldn’t orchestrate such a brutally evil scheme.

So, what do these people say about dimensions? Well, they claim that as we move up the dimensional scale the interaction between matter and consciousness rises- in the third dimension we unintentionally control photons at a quantum level, but in the forth we have far more power. This scale continues and continues until we as beings exist in a manner which is factually indescribable since language itself cannot accurately depict the plane on which we would then exist.

Sacred Geometry in Quantum Atom Theory: Oh look, it's the Fibonacci Spiral.

Seems pretty farfetched, right? Well, yeah, of course it does- and if you want to draw your own conclusions about Quantum Observation, check this site out. With this said, how does this affect the idea of separate conscious realities or dimensions? Well, since it has been proven that consciousness can alter reality, that in itself is compelling proof for the possibility of other states of being which can alter physical reality, which can further be backed up with further evidence.

This evidence is heavily related to psychotropic drugs- a commodity commonly utilised by the USA and USSR during the cold war in attempts to create psychic operatives (Psi-Ops). Specifically, we’re going to be talking about Dimethyltryptamine (DMT), a naturally-occuring psychedelic substance produced by the brain which has been proven to be the cause of many Near Death Experiences.

As the body approaches death, massive amounts of DMT are released into the bloodstream, causing massive hallucinations which sceptics have attributed the belief in life after death to. This is, of course, a possibility- spiritualism could be massively deluded, and the world could be purely a mass of chaos and corporeal, chemically based beings with no hope and an inevitable trip to the void ahead. I, however, disagree with this theory.

Large numbers of cultures worldwide have a strong history of the spiritual use of drugs; Native Americans have their peyote, Rastafarians have cannabis, the idea of ‘expanding’ the range of consciousness through naturally-occuring chemicals is hardly a new thing. DMT itself can be brewed inexpensively from simple corn grass, and while The Study of Spirit does not condone doing so, it should be noted that many South American cultures use DMT to expand their minds, often in conjunction with Christianity.

The DMT molecule in all its simple glory

The spiritual use of drugs is a discussion for another time, however- right now we’re going to concentrate on one tiny aspect of this remarkable drug. As I said before, there are hundreds of accounts of people’s experiences on other dimensions and planes of existence, and these are largely dismissed as bunkem by the scientific community, which is fine.

Fine, but negligent.

The experiences subjects using DMT have described are, usually, fairly cohesive in their description which is remarkable given the borders of ethnicity, culture and (quite frankly) time that these subjects’ lives span. There have been frequent tales of strange metallic beings, primal creative energy, bizarre colours and indescribably sights and sound, and all of this is consistent among all who experience it.

This shows both the link between the consciousness of the human species (as theorised by the Global Consciousness Project and Robert Kenny in this article and explained in the Spirit Science movies regarding consciousness ‘grids’) and also gives a tremendous amount of credibility to the spiritual theories of alternate dimensions. This is because in order for this consistency of experience, the consciousness of the person must be experiencing and observing a reality which physically exists in one form or other- and given the enhanced control that subjects of DMT experience (sort of like a lucid Acid trip) it matches nigh-on perfectly with the spiritual theory of the forth dimension.

There are incredible things to experience that humans are quite capable of observing, and as such changing- just like the Quantum Observation Theory. Every credible source of information on spirituality corresponds to these experiences, and enjoys quite bizarre consistency which boggles the mind. The next question, of course is how do we get to experience these things for ourselves. DMT is, in most places, utterly illegal and nobody wants to go to prison, so we have some pretty heavy-duty options to experience this pandimensional travel, and none of them are particularly easy.

Now there are plenty of ways to travel interdimensionally, but this article isn’t all about that; for that you’re gonna have to wait for next time. For now, I’m simply gonna give you some information sources to read up on which go through the basic techniques:

Anyway, thanks for reading this (brief) overview of some of the evidence for multiple dimensions. The possibility is proven through quantum theory, and backed up by decades of human experience, and yet the scientific community still requires more proof. Thankfully, with the advent of the LHC, negative-space architecture and the discovery of the higgs-boson we are approaching the knowledge of the truth. The truth is what matters most, and pretty soon we’ll all be party to it.

Roll on 2012!


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  1. sarramore says :

    You spelt “bloodstream” with two “b”‘s.
    I’ll blame that one on the Vodka…
    Other than that, good job friend.

    I’m watching your posts…

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