The 2012 Spherical Solar Anomaly

It has been long-known that 2012 would bring solar flares with it due to a- perfectly natural- cycle of activity in the sun’s composition. Every eleven or so years the sun reaches the zenith of its ‘solar cycle’ and spits colossal amounts of energy into space, in a way which is (for the mostpart) beautiful and utterly harmless.

On March the 11th of 2012 an unusual form was spotted within the sun’s corona, and naturally speculation went wild. A black sphere, apparently attached by a ghostly tether to the main body of the sun was spotted in the layer of sun known as the “plasma field”- theories spread like wildfire, and of course the truth came out as it always does.

The anomaly, if nothing else, was utterly fascinating to look at, as is evidenced in this video:

This, however was not the video which launched such speculation among numerous (and occasionally credible) internet communities, but rather the video which followed, showing the Spherical Anomaly ‘detaching’ itself from the sun and apparently blasting off into space. This looks not only a little mechanical, but also very very deliberate:

This video, as it appeared was not evidence enough for an intelligent (or even unusual) piece of solar activity, so naturally the journalistic need to investigate surfaced. Naturally, official channels were unhelpful- NASA, as we know, are hardly helpful to NOVA or other such groups which question their absolute authority on all things celestial, so I went to one of their sister sites. This site was an automated service which took periodical photographs of the sun, and is a useful resource for anyone wishing to bypass the official censors which so permeate the NASA information flow. It can be found here:

The image I saw blew my tiny mind:

Naturally I jumped to the obvious conclusion: The object, seen in the SouthWestern quadrant of the Sun, had ripped its way through space, leaving behind it a wake. Due to the spectral appearance of the anomaly and my limited knowledge of solar phenomena this prospect was, understandably, chilling. Thoughts crashed through my mind:

  • What the hell was that?!
  • Are aliens eating the sun?!
  • That thing was huge! Are we all gonna die?!
  • What’s for dinner?!

All but the last thought on the list intrigued me, yet were far from actionable, and it wasn’t until I discussed the matter with people more learned than me that I discovered the truth of the matter. This ‘spherical anomaly’ was nothing more than a perfectly ordinary (albeit rare) part of the eleven-year solar cycle! In short…


The phenomenon which occured was, in actuality a simple “Solar Prominence” ( The dark space occurs when cooler plasma, which emits very little visible light, occludes the hotter plasma emitting from the sun. In short, the panic is over. As for the evidence of the “launch” seen in the second YouTube video being backed up by the photograph from the NASA automated solar cameras? Well, this was nothing more than an incalculably foolish mistake on my part.

As seen in this “timelapse” animation comprised of thousands of photographs taken by the very same camera which showed the wake of the anomaly as it supposedly flung itself through the cosmos. The dark, corrupted line in the photograph is nothing more than a simple stick, used to keep a shield in place so that the camera doesn’t stare directly into the sun.

It is the merest coincidence that the solar prominence travelled in a similar direction to the direction of the stick which held the shield, and was in fact of no relevance whatsoever to this case. The conclusion jumped to by myself (and other theorists) was incorrect and based on a lack of information (namely comparison to a standard LASCO C3 photograph) caused by laziness of practise. For that, I apologise- and am publishing this article so as to demonstrate that we at The Study of Spirit are not above assumption and speculation, but will always seek to correct these mistakes and find the truth.

For more information on the 2012 Spherica- Solar Prominence, please watch this fascinating (and ultimately enlightening) YouTube video which should explain anything which I missed in this article:

It’s NASA, but it’s credible.

Thanks for reading!

Crash and burn.


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