Jewish Aliens From The Future

If you are familiar with the Spirit Science Youtube videos then you have probably seen their twelfth instalment: “Human History”. If not, well then you really should go and see it- while it’s not the most scientifically sound piece of film-making it does summarise the events alternate history would have us believe quite succinctly, and with the show’s usual flair!

I’m not going to lie- unless you go into this hour-long movie with an open mind you’re probably going to be either overwhelmed or ultimately angry with the outlandish claims that our host, Patchman, makes. Just try to keep an open mind- they’re not trying to tell you you should believe them, just presenting an alternative. Leave the presentation of evidence to us, ok?

The purpose of this article is the discussion of one of the more… Intellectually taxing claims of the Spirit Science movie, which is that Jews are in fact aliens from the future, whose left-brained antics had earned them a one-way ticket to repeating the last 26,000 years of their evolution. The evidence we have found is compelling, but at the same time a little worrying when you think about it in context.

Last July a study came to light regarding the DNA of Neanderthals- one of the evolutionary ancestors of man (homo sapiens), or so we thought. It turns out that this step on the evolutionary ladder, one we had always taken for granted due to their relative likeness to modern man and… Well, it’s fossilised evidence of evolution, it doesn’t really need doubting- the point is that Neanderthals actually have very little in common with humans surviving today. With the exception of one race of people- the chosen of Israel.

The Jews.

Now, two questions come up immediately- “So what?” and “Why does this mean that Jews are space aliens? I mean, really- that’s offensive.” and the answers to these questions are actually far simpler than one would think. The first thing we need to do though is establish a couple of anthropological facts: The Jews surviving today are the descendants of Neanderthals (as proven separately by more than two different researchers and theorists including the prestigious Michael Bradley and French anthropologist Marc Dem in his Les Juifs de L’espace), and that Neanderthal man was the first to utilise significantly more complex tools to aid in his survival.

So- the first question: So what? Well, you’re absolutely right- Jews aren’t any less of a people, and indeed a few of my closest friends are Jewish; and they are just as human as the rest of us. Well, with the exception of their DNA. Jewish people have contributed more to the world than most races combined, and when you consider why that is you may well come to the same conclusion that the rest of us did: the Hebrew people simply have more experience  as a species than regular humans. I’ll get onto that in a moment, but first let’s think: If Jews are indeed descended from a unique branch of humanity, then where did that branch come from?

Well, it came from elsewhere! And since there is no evidence of the genus anywhere on the planet prior to that point the logical conclusion is “Not from somewhere else on the planet.”

Now, to address my two previous questions; why should any of this mean that Jews are space aliens? Well, as I just said there is no evidence of their genus anywhere on the planet before Neanderthal man, and to boot Neanderthal man was significantly more technologically advanced than existing ‘humans’ at that point. This lines up exactly with what has been told to us by Thoth, by the history of Atlantis described by many different credible sources, and indeed by Spirit Science’s human history movie. Now many people will see this as a coincidence, but it’s pretty hard to deny that Neanderthal man came out of left field and revolutionised the path the human race would take without taking these accounts into consideration.

The technological advancements brought by the Neanderthals (and thus the Hebrew people) (including easier fire, economics, tools, weaponry and even the Chariot of the Gods- the Merkabah, as evidenced by its origins in the Torah: It also stands to reason that the Merkabah would be the invention of a nomadic people who settled here, as we would have gotten the information as simply as seeing them arrive in them.) were instrumental in making life easier for the existing species on the planet. Hunting, living and even our basic culture were influenced by these inventions, which proto-humans would have not come to for another several centuries. It was this left-brained intervention on a right-brained planet which made humanity the tapestry of intellect and creativity that it is today, so really we have a lot to be thankful for.

To conclude, the stereotype of the Jewish people as a left-brained people is becoming rapidly outdated, and the term “Neanderthal” when applied to them is often used offensively, to describe the traditional ‘big-nosed Jew’ that racists worldwide will be familiar with. The fact is that Neanderthal man came to us at a point where we really needed them, and made our lives infinitely better; without them we would have remained savages for aeons longer than we did, and whether they came from space, the future or some other place not of this earth they are still our dearest friends, our closest neighbours.

We should be glad that Neanderthals- Jews- came and graced us with their insight and experience, their inventions and actions evidence of a species far older than our own, at the time; and they evolved alongside us, becoming invaluable members of society today. And as for where they come from? Well that much has been forgotten, but I’d like to speculate that they came from:

Thank you, Hebros!


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