The Merkabah

Even extra-dimensional superbeings need to get around, and while a Prius may be environmentally sound it can hardly be considered a safe vessel for traversing the universe’s many pitfalls and dangers. The void, dark creatures and interdimensional travel can negatively affect the consciousness of any being, and since it is necessary to travel on a celestial or astral plane once in a while we should probably invest some time on the vehicle which, according to mythology, we should all be driving.

I’m talking of course about the Merkabah.

The word Merkabah is taken from Hebrew and quite literally means “Chariot of the Soul”. It is an etheric construct designed to protect the riders’ consciousness, which takes the form of a star tetrahedron- a sort of three-dimensional star of David.  In the strictest possible sense the origins of the Merkabah in mythology stem back to the Torah, in the visions of Ezekiel, and indeed its commentaries and appendixes. The description of said chariot reads thusly:

  • It is said that these chariots (the Merkabah) were driven by beings with the “Likeness of a Man.”
  • The ‘chariot’ itself is formed of four “living creatures”- which further research found to be the visible form of aether
  • The bodies of the creatures which make up the Merkabah are “like that of a human being”, but each of them has four faces, corresponding to the four directions the chariot can go (north, east south and west). The faces are that of a man, a lion, an ox (later changed to a cherub in Ezekiel 10:14) and an eagle. These angels are called the Chayot.
  • Each Chayot  angel also has four wings. Two of these wings spread across the length of the chariot and connected with the wings of the angel on the other side. This created a sort of ‘box’ of wings that formed the perimeter of the chariot. With the remaining two wings, each angel covered its own body.
  • Below, but not attached to the feet of the “Chayot” angels are other angels that are shaped like wheels. These wheel angels, which are described as “a wheel inside of a wheel”, are called Ophanim.
  • The face of the man always faces East, and looks up at the driver, who sits upon a “throne of sapphire”.

Now this sounds like an incredibly creepy thing to drive- more akin to some John Carpenter body-horror than mythological texts, but let’s not forget the simple fact that the Torah is a document disjointed from space and time (a topic for a later discussion) and, like all religious texts, is best taken to mean a little more than what it is saying. Now, the power source of the Merkabah described in the Torah is actually expanded upon in the Bible: A third type of angel called the Seraphim.

Now, anyone who has studied theology is well aware of the supposed power of the Seraphim or “burning angels”, and according to the bible the power of these beings was transmitted in vertical patterns, ascending and descending along the perimeter of the Merkabah. These pulses of literally glowing energy were what provided the actual etheric energy which allowed the chariot to move.

Ok, so we’ve gone over the basics of Merkabah construction, we have the Chayot, the chassis, the ‘wheels’ or drive system, the Ophanim and the power source, the seraphim. Three key components which are prerequisite to any self-powered vehicle today, be they automotive, nautical or aeronautic, the Merkabah follows roughly the same concept, except rather than metal, wood and fuel the entire construct is that of aether brought to form by the will of the Soul. The generation of the Merkabah is not something which simple beings such as us can really attain, or rather this is what the book of Ezekiel originally says, hence the original (mis)translation: The Chariot of God.

According to less conventional sources over the aeons it has been more than possible for beings of a lesser dimensional value (ie. us) to generate, sustain and travel using Merkabah technology, however due to global misinformation and loss of practical knowledge (another topic to be discussed later) the practise has been all but lost to us. The methodology by which beings lesser than Gods can create Merkebah of their own, while purely speculative, can be summed up in two very different (and each equally valid) binary ways. These methods may or may not be pure fiction, and have little scientific merit or evidence, but they are fun to write about nonetheless. Allow me to elaborate:

1: The ‘Natural’ Merkabah

The ‘Natural’ Merkabah is the method by which mythological spiritual figures (including but not limited to Thoth, Ra and the ascended masters) traversed not only time, but dimensional barriers. These forms were generally thought to be frail, usually only allowed for one person to travel, and were generated entirely by the direct manipulation of one’s personal chakras. Because of this the range, power and capacity of each individual Merkabah was only as strong as the person conjuring it, which is not a failing in itself, but at the same time can be dangerous in the event of an astral calamity, providing only personal protection against such issues as the void and consciousness loss. In short, only powerful “right-brained” practitioners could create reliable, safe and expeditious Merkabah constructs by crystallising their chakra into protective forms.

2: The ‘Synthetic’ Merkabah

Utilising the same Crystal Field Theory as a Christ Consciousness Grid (we really are getting into a lot of etheric structural engineering topics to be discussed at a later date) it is possible to transport vast numbers of consciousnesses and individuals using a Merkabah derived sheerly from the power of mathematics. By utilising multi-dimensional structures to capture the power of Seraphim and transfer it into the drive force of Ophanim vast etheric structures can be places around an area and then transferred outwards along the Phi ratio onto a certain point. Evidence of this practise can be seen in modern Crystal Field Theory, which dictates that tetrahedral crystals can be seen to cause vibratory energy into an orbital structure (the same spinning that powers a natural Merkabah)- for more information, feel free to read up at An excellent (although as yet unproven on this website) example of this is the ancient travel of Martian survivors to the continent of Atlantis, which utilised the use of a synthetic Merkabah.


Now, this is where things get a little tricky. There have been cataclysms caused by the creation of faulty synthetic Merkabah; one such incident occured somewhere around 26,000 years ago on earth, shortly after the impact of a meteor on what would become the Eastern United States. The power of a Merkabah is almost infinite (especially so in the case of synthetic Merkabah due to their mathematical nature), so the slightest miscalculation can, supposedly, tear apart the fabric of space and time itself. Now, I am not claiming this to be fact in any way, simply because the accounts which bring up these cataclysmic events are usually incredibly unreliable, but it should be noted that shortly after the impact of said meteor a large amount of radiation damage was recorded geologically in the areas around where it struck. This is not consistent with the effect of a meteor, as damage caused by radiation is usually lessened by the almost “nuclear” winter suffered after a strike.

Either way, since the matter of the space-rock was itself not radioactive it does beg the question “from where did this radiation originate”? Could it have been the use of a faulty Merkabah spewing Seraphim energy all over the place following the flawed creation of what, by necessity, must be perfect to function safely? That’s not for me to say- but it does provoke thought (and perhaps a follow-up investigation).

An afterthought: Merkabah and Me

Now, as any scholar of spiritual nature will tell you the travels supposedly performed while performing astral projection (or indeed Lucid Dreaming, if the spiritual component of this practise can ever be proven) are performed without the aid of a Merkabah- and this, for the mostpart, is true. Notice, however, that these travels take place exclusively on a plane known as the “Astral Plane”, and without the necessity interplanetary travel a Merkabah is both cumbersome and unnecessary. There are no dangers to be encountered while astral projecting, and as such there is no need for a Merkabah. As there is no tangiable gravity on this plane there is also no need for the literal physical intervention of such a device, as flight and travel can be performed sheerly through will.

Astral projection is a topic for later discussion, however it should be noted that numerous incidents have been reported wherein higher beings have been encountered, channeled to or simply been described on the astral plane, and these incidents usually involve a Merkabah in some form (although usually not in so many words).

I’m not going to go into the truth of astral projection- real or not, the application of Merkabah during astral projection, while possible, should be seen as unnecessary.

Anyway, this is more than enough on what we can pretty much summarize as a “soul-car”. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed researching and writing it, it’s been a blast. The tetrahedral crystals utilised in the creation of Synthetic Merkabah are still a topic up for debate, however at some point in the near future I will be travelling to one of the world’s foremost colleges of minerology and mining to discuss these further. Bear with me, and hopefully I should have something more concrete (haha, rock joke) than this simple image of Tetrahedrite to show for my research:

EDIT: Found something absolutely fascinating! Some Tetrahedrite interacting naturally with white quartz crystals. Given the highly compatable natures of these two crystaline entities it just goes to show what a little faith can conjure:

Could it be that Tetrahedrite conducts, and therefore attracts etheric energy (as mannifested in the Quartz)? If this was the case then it would be only natural to assume that it is in fact Tetrahedrite which was used in Synthetic Merkabah Production- or at the very least that it is a conductive element which can be used in spiritual engineering.

Anyway, I’m off!

Crash and Burn.


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7 responses to “The Merkabah”

  1. Chronamut says :

    chronamut: I would like to add that saying that the astral realm is compltely safs is like sayign that it’s compeltely safe to cross a highway- it depends when and where you are going – there is also the belief that atm we are not astral projecting to other places but actually through wormholes into fall universes.

    also keep in mind that attempts to make external merkabas in the past have led to entire cviilizations being destroyed – atlantis being one – these were called “the luficer experiment” – creating a scientific merkaba instead of one out of love within ourselves.

    there is also something called metatronic death star sciences where the merkaba is reversed and rotated in the same direction, causing it to phase lock, the tops and bottoms to be cutooff and for it to eventually stop spinning and explode. More about this can be foudn in the kathara videos and handbooks. The metatronic merkaba is a vampire merkaba in which your ability to be eternal is sacrificed for the ability to become immortal – livign by sucking the energy off of other beings. During the atlantis time due to earth distortions and the failure of the last stellar activation cycle this was the only way left to use the merkaba, as the entire planet had(has) becoem metatronci to some extent. Thus he stole one of the CDT plates of kathara and wrote the emerald tablets off of it and distorted the teachings to egyptians based on the now distorted earth patterns.

    this is why thoth is such a sensitive topic on spirit science, as is metatron, which you can see his list of atrocities in “a history of all that was” collection.

    so yeah.. you got a lotta info – but you still are lacking quite a bit too 🙂

  2. thestudyofspirit says :

    Thanks for the input Chrona! I did mention the information on the dangers of synthetic merkabah, in section 2b of the article! It actually shows evidence for the lucifer experiment performed on Atlantis! That said, your additional info has been really brilliant, cheers!

  3. sarramore says :

    A good read my friend, it is good to get a comprehensive guide to the Merkaba. Such things do not come around often.
    Also, I look forward to you article on ethiric structural engineering.

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