Welcome To The Study Of Spirit

Hello there, reader- my ‘name’, such as it is on the internet, is ThreeJumps, and this is the inaugural post of The Study of Spirit. I hope that you enjoy the posts which will follow, which will hopefully shed a little light on the chaos in which we are destined to live out our lives.

The purpose of this blog is a simple one: The illuminate the truth behind the often-suppressed existence of the soul. To do this I will be collating data from a vast catalogue of sources and studies, combining both science and faith into one reliable, easily readable resource. My reasons for creating this resource? Unimportant, and far from mysterious: Too often we are confronted with religious and scientific certainties and are offered little in the way of alternatives when literally thousands of man-hours have been invested by the governments and philosophers of the world to provide just that.

Please, don’t take the idea of an alternative out of context- I am not saying that one should reject current theories and facts; far from it. God is still God, and water is still comprised of molecules of Hydrogen and Oxygen: We here at The Study of Spirit are simply trying to find the truth. A compromise. Somewhere in which science and spirituality can coexist. Facts and faith working in unison, rather than against one another. This can be difficult, since faith is largely based on theory rather than evidence, and as a staunch sceptic it has been a turbulent journey reaching this system of mutual belief, however the quantification of faith has allowed me to reach some startling, yet perfectly commonsensical conclusions.

I digress- this tangent is a tale for another post, and if I began talking about my path to this study I’d be typing for hours, and this introduction would never end. The primary reason I created this blog is to explore and expose the worlds of sacred geometry, Atlantis theory, alternative history, pre-record civilization, biomatter, the correlation between scientific data and ‘new age’ theory, and most importantly: To search for and present the truth for all those who choose to read it. We’ll be drawing from a plethora of sources- each one fully credible and cross-checked with fact to provide a library of theories and facts which simply are, and (unlike most ‘new age’ resource centres on the internet) won’t come off as a bunch of hippie bullshit!

This isn’t the first academic study of the link between conventional science and spiritual theory, but it is the first blog designed to present these links in a comprehensive and factual light, with an emphasis on evidence rather than faith. It’s gonna be a wild ride.

Welcome to the study of spirit. I truly hope that you enjoy the posts which will follow with as much vigour and enthusiasm as I will writing them. I leave you with a quote:

“Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.”
Albert Einstein, “Science, Philosophy and Religion: a Symposium”, 1941

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2 responses to “Welcome To The Study Of Spirit”

  1. SlenderMan says :

    Hmm.. Interesting. I’ll be looking forward to future installments =)

  2. Dux says :

    Great intro! I like how you’re taking the middle path by reconciling esoterism and science showing that they can be friend – however, what kind of marriage do they make? well, we’ll see! I recommend reading Fring-ology by Steve Volk! 🙂


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