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Control Systems

Now, I’m far from crazy: I don’t believe that 9/11 was an inside job, I’m pretty sure that there are no aliens in Area 51 and there’s no way FEMA could be conspiring against the citizens it was commissioned to protect.

I’m not a ‘conspiracy theorist’ in any sense of the term, so when I tell you that in spite of this it isfact that the world is constructed in a manner which constricts our actions and thoughts it should have a little more clout than if I was a tinfoil-hatted homeless man. In spite of this, the vast majority of people reading this will still probably reject it as paranoid gobbledegook- which means that the control systems are doing their job!

Here in Britain, the setting of George Orwell’s utterly fantastic 1984 we are already careening wildly down a path which restricts civil liberties to such a degree that an Orwell himself would have been ashamed about the caste-run dystopia into which we have evolved. The United Kingdom is notorious in the international community for its utility of a social construct known as the Panopticon, with over 1.85 million CCTV cameras observing every action taken by every citizen. On average you are observed by a government representative every 35 seconds.

No other nation would put up with this.

Now the panopticon isn’t just a governmental construct; people have to be predisposed towards the acceptance of observation before they are willing to submit to an authoritarian force which can see their every action. Achieving this has been a true Machiavellian masterpiece, which utilises every facet of the public sector to create this attitude, ranging from entertainment, to the forth estate, to religion.

Many of you out there will know of the television show Big Brother, a reality TV show which began as a simple social experiment to observe the effects the act of observation had on a group of students in England, set up by Channel 4. Much like the Quantum Double Slit experiment, observation in the end caused people to act in a manner they would otherwise not have, and the study was deemed a success. Unfortunately for the people of Britain, the show also ended up being a fairly incredible social success.

By series 3 the television show was getting applicants by the millions, enticed by dreams of celebrity (which we’ll get onto in a bit) and naturally only the very ‘kookiest’ individuals ended up being selected. The show was watched by tens of millions of people religiously, all the while soaking up the message that it was not only OK to be watched over by a controlling authority (who, quite aptly made contestants perform arduous tasks for food) but that this forfeit for human rights was actually something to be desired and embraced.

The winner of the show may have gotten the prize of hundreds of thousands of pounds, but the real winners were the people who lived on in the public’s hearts- either loved or loathed- as the ‘professional celebrities’ that the tabloid magazine industry perpetuates. These people now existed outside the construct of theBig Brother house, and their lives became a public spectacle for all to see, and since this remained the source of their income these individuals constantly humiliated themselves in public.

The very notion of celebrity is, in itself, indicative of a populus who have grown accustomed to a lack of privacy, and the fact that we now wish to have our privacy invaded as a mark of social advancement is, to my mind, tragic. Since the launch of Big Brother CCTV systems in the UK have risen by just under half, more than doubling the increase seen in previous years.

Of course since then punditry has claimed that the paparazzi are a vile bunch, but considering the media conglomerates who control their talk shows and symposiums are the same people who fork over millions for pictures of Paris Hilton’s vagina I don’t think they’re in a position to talk.

The idea that it’s “OK” to be observed by an all-powerful entity is hardly a new theory; reality TV simply brought the theory into the new age and turned control from one set of people to another. The first people to use the idea of a benevolent superpower to control people were, quite obviously, the Church! This is not a phenomenon restricted to the confines of Christianity either- the vast majority of religions, Abrahamic or not, utilise the idea that there is some omnipresent entity who observes your actions and judges you as either “Good” or “Bad”. Christianity and Islam merely took it one step further by saying that sin led to damnation, which is something your average 12th century French peasant would do anything to avoid.

To quote my good friend ‘OmniZero’: “From the moment we’re born to the moment we die we are subjected to some form of control system.” I wish it weren’t so, but this chap could not be closer to the truth if he were in a Louisiana strip-club and the truth was a moderately hot girl from a broken home. We’re left over with a medieval control system of primal fear and religious piousness, a modern theory of the panopticon built on the same theories as those ancient methods, and yet we still consider ourselves free?

Well, it’s not just the act of observation which governments, religions and corporations attempt to trivialise and then utilise; even our very free will is utterly warped by the systems of economic control which society has now grown dependent on. Say you go to a supermarket, and you buy a carton of Soya milk- that’s a noble act, right? Soya beans are relatively easy to farm, and look! It even says “Fair Trade” on it, so you know it’s reputable!

I’m really sorry to break it to you, but that’s just not the case.

The modern world, such as it is, operates like an elaborate pyramid scheme: That soya milk comes from beans grown on a farm, which are then shipped in a truck to a factory, where it is processed and then packaged, then it is flown to the supermarket where you buy it with currency issued to you by a central authority. That’s a pretty simple process on the surface of it, but when you consider that the farm exports exclusively to a corporate factory, who have a corporate contract to use vehicles manufactured by another corporation, probably owned by the same shell company as the supermarket and the airline you eventually boil down to everyone working for one person:

Whomever owns the shell company.

Then of course there’s the issue of the currency used to purchase that soya milk. Only 10% of money actually exists as physical currency, with the rest being transferred around cyberspace in bank accounts as simple mathematical assertions of pure fiscal value. If this is the case, then why does the number on one person’s screen determine how much currency they are entitled to? Sure, they may have worked for it, but in the end who attributes the end value to an essentially valueless resource?

In the old days we used gold to determine the wealth of a nation, but now everything is just noughts and ones flitting around, given importance by banks, companies, governments and the people who have but no choice but to live with them. This is no problem for the people who are in control, but for your average bluecollar worker the lofty decisions of the elite can be utterly devastating, particularly when the same people who decide what currency is worth are the same people who define who pays taxes.

We’ve ended up with a system whose very goal is to keep the rich rich and the poor poor, masquerading as a benevolent meritocracy and side-lining spirituality and “off the grid” living as the notions of madmen and fools. If one expresses a wish to live outside the system they are expected not only to fend for themselves but to not reap the rewards of being inside the system- even if they contribute.

Humanity is, at its heart a collaborative species- we do what we must to survive, and it is important to note that living as a collective isn’t necessarily corrupt. The idea of political anarchy, having no leaders and simply living in love and peace with one another works in theory, but in the end simple greed causes us to corrupt ourselves, and pretty soon you’ve got a ruling class and every other sucker working for them. The trouble we have today is even more dire than this grim reality though:

Even if someone has a revolutionary idea we are unable to implement it due to logistics.

Take the visionary work of the reverend W. Cecil- he not only theorised that Hydrogen, not fossil fuels, could be used to create locomotion within machinery. A hydrogen engine is a pretty simple piece of kit- it runs on water, uses a catalystic chamber to break H2O into its component molecules, burns the hydrogen and then reconstitutes the excess back into water.

That’s right: The fuel for this engine is the same thing it burns. Not only that, but the excess Hydrogen and Oxygen which cannot be reclaimed are released into the atmosphere, where they form clouds which form as more water! It’s infinite fucking fuel.

So when was this idea patented? Well, there were a lot of hydrogen-powered engines being designed and manufactured in the 1970s, so surely this is the suppression of information to retain the global oil market, right?Wrong.

Rev. W. Cecil designed this Hydrogen engine in 1820. EIGHTEEN. TWENTY. It had some practical applications, but at that time coal mining was a huge industry, and naturally putting millions of miners out of work was impractical as it would destroy the very basis of the economy. Because of this the engine and all its counterparts were dismissed, and coal power remained the focus of the industrial revolution. The exact same thing happened in the 1970s, but instead of coal we had oil, and instead of workhouses we had multinational corporations.

One of the infamous 'panopticon prisons'

The sad fact is that unless we all change, showing people stuff like the Hydrogen engine, or solar heating, or the rejection of the panopticon is utterly useless. As a species we have so much faith tied up in the systems used to restrict us that our survival has begun to hinge on the survival of the systems just as deeply as it does on actually living!

I don’t mean to sound dire, but as long as we believe in shallow concepts like shame and governmental omniscience we are destined to be the slaves of the same ten or twenty corporate superpowers which own all of industry, and as such bankroll all of government. I’m not saying that we all need to rush to live off the grid, and in the end even the control system of nuclear deterrence in the cold war was based on the human need to survive. We simply need to have a little faith in the species and hopefully you and I can be as free as the birds we have always longed to be.




As much as the universe can be said to be all-encompassing, the beings, worlds and laws which work within it are in a constant state of flux. We live as binary beings within a unity existence, and as with anything which exists in twos, if we don’t seek balance which we inevitably exist in chaos.

Now, chaos itself isn’t such a bad thing; it’s pretty central to the way the universe works, when you look at the sheer complexity of everything. It is when we neglect to understand that we exist in a state of perpetual ambivalence that this chaos begins to erode what little control over ourselves we actually assert. There are many kinds of balance, and in this article we’re going to be looking at how achieving these states is important not only to the spiritual community, but to everyone in the world.

The ancient Chinese symbol of “Yin” and “Yang” is a perfect allegory for all systems of binary balance, and is incredibly popular as an idea not just in the East, but here in the West. The theory goes that there are two equal and complimentary forces at work in the universe: Yin and Yang themselves. One is incredibly male, and the other is incredibly female, and the areas of life which each reside over correspond directly to the “gender” of the item.

Yin, the female energy portrayed by the symbol stands for everything which we regard as feminine: Creativity, love, art, spirituality and emotion are all encompassed by this force. Yang, the male energy is understood to encompass all that is male, and indeed all that isn’t in Yin. Mathematics, logic, action and the more assertive emotions are all understood to be parts of Yang.

Neither part is regarded as superior to the other, and neither can exist exclusively without the other, which is to say that the Yin and Yang of the universe are codependant, and even symbiotic. The same is true of humanity in the theory of YinYang; all people encompass both male and female ideas, feelings and elements regardless of their physical gender. This is overwhelmingly pertinent, and science has proven the validity of this ancient, and apparently prophetic philosophy.

The theory of homoeostasis typically refers to a need for balance within a physical organism, and is achieved through correctly providing an organism with the nutrients and activities which it requires to survive. What has this got to do with YinYang? Well, humans require a diet which encompasses a balance of food-groups which have to be consciously selected and ingested to maintain physical health. We get sick, and our bodies heal themselves, but without the proper balance of physical needs the human body grows weak, and eventually dies.

Of course the theory of health is a state not simply the concept of physical well-being, but also of homoeostatic balance within the body. pH levels of stomach acid have to be maintained, temperature and fat levels have to remain under control, and the vast majority of this is controlled by simple instinctive intuition of what we should and should not do. The same can be said for the human mind, and in turn for the human spirit which resides in each of us. This is where the relation of physicality to YinYang comes into play.

Humans are intellectually some of the most complex creatures on the Earth- or at least this is the common understanding of our comparative place on the planet. As such we have complex needs, not only physically but also emotionally and intellectually and require a certain amount of intellectual and spiritual stimulation to grow physically and remain happy. As proved by Dr. Kurt Gray (viewable in my article on the practical application of Karma) the actions we take are more than capable of physically altering the parameters of the human body, and of course balancing these actions is just as important as anything.

Thanks to the actions of a group of irritating ancients we are plagued by negative emotions, and as such these emotions cause a lot of problems still observable in the world today. When the book of Revelations talks about the four horsemen of the apocalypse, perhaps what it’s talking about is the prevalent negative themes which have always plagued humanity: War, famine, pestilence and death.

If we are to ever achieve true balance then it is important that we exercise our will to counter these themes, perhaps not globally (as that is an endeavour for all humanity), but on a personal level. To my mind, war is a personal wrath and hatred of others, pestilence is the degradation of morality and personal ethics, famine is our inability to feed the mind soul and death is akin to ignorance. Meditation, excercise and thinking are equally important when it comes to this, as without the processes of introspection, physicality and philosophy we are, without a doubt, a species of unspeakable savagery and are incapable of clearing the metaphysical hurdles that we as a species face each day.

In short: It’s not only important to take care of your body, but to exercise your mind and spirit too!

Now, to blow your mind about YinYang with the application of modern neuroscience! The human brain is divided centrally into two hemispheres, which in itself isn’t that interesting. When you consider what modern science has determined about the way in which thought is governed by our physical bodies though, the results are not only incredible, but make the ancient Chinese look like Nostradamus.

Wait what?! The human brain’s two hemispheres react differently and govern conscious understanding of the themes discussed directly by the theory of YinYang?! The Chinese understood this duality in human ability and behaviour thousands of years ago and we now understand the electrical impulses which underline this theory?! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?


So, we now understand that the human mind is, in essence, divided into two parts which directly contradict each other. We are the mirrors of ourselves- capable not only of analytical thinking, but also of love and compassion, and this is a direct result of the way in which we have evolved. The human brain calculates using each hemisphere, and each lobe is pretty much universal to both sides, so the only way in which information is divided is by the way we perceive and think about things.

Modern science has determined through observation of individuals (the evidence of which is widely understood to not require direct citation here) that people are either more inclined to think with their left brain or their right brain. This is directly observable when you consider that most writers hate mathematics, or that a physicist has no understanding of art.

It’s a simple and ancient theory which has governed the path of human development for millennia, and is only now beginning to be completely understood. It is only when we combine the utility of both halves of our brains, however, that we become ‘complete’ people.

The right-brain is practically incapable of analytical viewing of an environment, and yet every human being can navigate their way around their location. The left brain cannot comprehend the intangible nature of beauty, and yet we all know what beauty is, to us. Indeed, there is beauty in both ways of living, whether we find it in a perfectly executed linear equation or in a sunrise is irrelevant, because as YinYang states:

Both natures are equally important, relevant and neither one has any claim to superiority.

In the last twenty years or so there have been some fascinating changes to the physical brains of humans being born, and this is a topic for another time, but even in adults who have no experience of the spiritual are beginning to have dormant connections in their brains activated. We are told that we use only 10% of our brain’s current potential, and that is a fallacy- it is only now that we have the conscious ability to differentiate between that which we know and that which we feel.

I cannot wait to see what the awakening of these dormant neural links will bring us. Hopefully we will finally achieve the unity for which we have striven, and simply be, rather than struggling as the distorted mirrors of our broken selves.

Crash and burn, people. Crash and burn.

ESP 1: “Higher Selves”

A lot of you reading this article will remember my earlier interview with Chronamut, an individual who not only frequents the Spirit Science forums but also claims to be the incarnation of a twelfth dimensional elven king. How can anyone believe this about themselves and still be considered sane? Well, the answer is simple:


He believes in the concept of “higher selves”.

Now when I say higher, I don’t mean that they are engaged in narcotic activities or are in some way tonally different- they simply exist at higher frequencies than we can usually perceive here on the third dimension. Every person alive, according to the theory, has at least one being unique to their individual wavelength but at a higher frequency, with whom they can communicate, and whose spirits they are a part of as well as emulate.

Now, there are numerous holes in this theory. I’m pretty sure that I don’t need to point them out to you: There’s no evidence for the existence of these higher beings (even if their dimensions are factually existent) and since they only communicate to their ‘host’ on the third dimension you pretty much have to take it on faith. There are a number of mental conditions and deficiencies which attribute the exact same symptoms; in fact the whole thing sounds like an elaborate psychosis, and in a lot of cases it may well be.

Channelling these higher selves is far from the only way to contact them, if these individuals are to be believed- in fact, their influence over our actions and thoughts may be far subtler than we realise.

The subconscious mind, like the heart, is active not only while we sleep, but also while we wake; our very thoughts and actions may very well be guided without our knowledge. Think of a number between one and a thousand. Got it? Common ‘higher self’ theory states that the number you just instinctively and impulsively selected may very well have been the decision of one of your higher selves. The same can be said for impulsive (gut) feelings and instinctive ‘hunches’- since time is non-linear in realms above the third dimension, it is quite possible that precognition could be one of the many faculties enabled by the existence of these beings.

How many times have you been playing a video game when a specific button input was needed and your thumb was already hovering over the button before the command appeared? How many times have you ignored the niggling little voice in your head only to have a perfectly avoidable evil occur? Why do we put any less faith in our intuition than in our senses? It makes no sense.

From a purely anthropological point of view, we have spent just as much time evolving our ability to ‘sense’ events through intuition as we have learning to see, think and hear, so why do we distrust these “little voices” that guide us? A lot of the reason behind this is cultural: The western world’s views on what can only be described as ‘extra sensory perception’, whether guided by higher selves or not, are largely based upon the Christian values propagated by the Catholic church, whose primary motivation for creating these views centuries ago was control.

You see, if we rely on ourselves, rather than externally created belief systems (including the belief in higher selves) we take power away from other people. The human race, currently, is under the control of a rigidly maintained caste system by which personal freedom and power is ultimately restricted by systems of government, religion and law- acting outside these boundaries for any reason is looked down upon, and as such self-reliance is often seen as “crazy”.

Now, with so little evidence available to validate the existence of higher selves we must concentrate on the existence of ESP as a whole; whether or not pandimensional beings exist is of little importance to the day-to-day lives of most humans, but the abilities they supposedly enhance are of importance. Of course, because of the practical applications for these abilities, the governments of the world have invested considerable time and money in researching them. The results are staggering.

The theory of extra sensory perception was coined in 1892 in France, but serious study of ESP abilities began in the 1930s, when American parapsychologist Dr Joseph Banks Rhine devised an experiment to determine the telepathic abilities of test subjects of various ages, genders and races. The experiment used the cards shown in the image above, which Rhine would examine without showing the card to the subject. The subject would then guess using any mote of extra-sensory intuition that they possessed which card the doctor was seeing, and of course Rhine’s observations were made public.

The experiment lives on in infamy, and is actually how we are introduced to Dr Peter Venkman at the start of 80s classic Ghostbusters, as well as being present in the brilliant 90s sci-fi film Starship Troopers, which also deals a little with Channelling. I digress: The results of Rhine’s experiments were summed up as this:

“If the null-hypothesis (no psychic ability) is assumed and each card selected for testing is chosen in a truly random fashion, a user’s success ratio is expected to approach 20% (1 hit per 5 trials) as their number of trials increases. The further the observed scenario is from the expected scenario, the more cause for believing the null-hypothesis is not true (the results are not simply due to chance).”

It was, needless to say, prevalent that certain test subjects, through some form of intuition (possibly even higher selves) were able to ascertain which symbol was on the card, and these results varied from person to person depending on the level of intuitive, or “psychic” ability. This, however, is not the most pressing case for the existence of paranormal abilities manifesting in humans.

In 1972 the American Defensive Intelligence Agency (DIA) published a report indicating that the USSR had what could only be described as “psychic operatives”, whose abilities outstripped the US’s conventional methods of surveilance. This came following the shock transfer of an electrical engineering lecturer named Hal Puthoff, who gave up a prominent position lecturing at Stanford university and entered the field of PSI-research.

Don’t take my word for it though; the memo itself is publicly available:

So, the Russians had been working (successfully) on unlocking the potential of the human mind, and only a year before this memo was circulated Puthoff had begun working in the same way for the Americans. Puthoff was an ex NSA agent, and was at the very forefront of the field of laser research, so why would someone so important transfer to what is considered today to have been a redundant field of research?

There are numerous sources available, but the two best are The Men Who Stare At Goats (now a movie) by Jon Ronson, and The Wizards of Langley by Jeffery Richelson. Both shed light on this almost-forgotten era of human history when the two superpowers who controlled the world secretly believed in and endorsed the factual existence of paranormal ability.

Still, this is getting long enough, and whether higher selves exist or not it is important to remember that what they apparently do has been proven to be real by millions of individuals all over the globe, and is growing more prevalent by the day. We’re on the cusp of something big, but that’s a tale for next time. Go with love, Internet traveller! Go with love.

The Burden of Proof

Anyone familiar with law will know of the term “burden of proof”. It is, in its simplest terms, the need to provide proof for a statement or argument upon which the basis of an opinion is based. It is also to be noted that it is not the person who is disputing a point’s duty to provide evidence to cast doubt on a statement, but rather the defender of said statement’s prerogative to provide evidence that their statement is true.

For example: “You killed your wife.”

If someone has blood on their hands and is standing over a rapidly cooling corpse, a knife protruding from the mort flesh of its sinewy neck one is hardly likely to believe that they are innocent of committing the heinous act itself, and yet there is still the need for evidence. Proof that they did it. Otherwise that person will walk free, because without evidence there is no truth but hearsay, which is usually rubbish and always inadmissible.

Likewise, it is also imperative that the suspect, were he to be telling the truth regarding his innocence, provide evidence that he was not the perpetrator. Even though it seems heinously unlikely, because not only does he have a motive to lie but also the means to have committed the crime.

This is, of course, a clumsily thrown-together metaphor for the need for actual proof in the arena of spirituality.

If you propose to believe in something, and you wish to impart that knowledge and faith onto another person (and have it hold up to questioning) then you flat-out need to follow scientific method in the defence of said belief. People won’t believe that you hear magical voices in your head, or that you are a demonic ubermensch unless you can give them some reason to believe you.

If you have no proof, then it’s your job to be convincing, because if your argument doesn’t hold up to scrutiny then people are going to think that you’re a liar. Then your reputation gets damaged, and fewer and fewer people will be willing to listen to what they consider to be bullshit. Why, after all, should they listen to someone who can not only provide no proof that what they’re saying is true, but also lacks the charisma to convince them that they should listen?

Most damning though is a refusal to participate in debate or discussion, because the only thing which proves a lie more conclusively than a lack of evidence is the refusal to even entertain criticism of your belief and defend it as such. People will think you’re a liar if you say you can do something but that you’re choosing not to.

And they’re probably right to do so.

The Study of Spirit has one primary purpose: To provide the evidential proof that spirituality isn’t the soft-minded pseudo-cultist rubbish that the vast majority of human beings think it is. At the end of the day it is more than apparent to anyone who spends even a moment looking introspectively at the community and their own claims that more than 99% of what we say sounds completely and utterly fantastical, egotistical or just plain self-serving.

Add to this the general appearance of sub-par intellect and reputation of fraudulent behaviour the Spiritual community has managed to rack up over the years (thanks mostly to TV-psychics and palm readers) and we have an epidemic on our hands. Not a literal epidemic, but rather one of reputation, and most importantly laziness.

If we want what has been unfortunately classified as “New Age” teachings to be accepted as anything more than the implausible ramblings of madmen then we must be prepared to defend our beliefs in ways which don’t belittle the opinions or intellects of others. People not believing what we say isn’t a failing on their part, but rather a colossal failing on ours for expecting people to believe our theories without proof!

The problem a lot of people have with religions, mainstream or otherwise is that the proof is faith, and that faith itself is only compelling to people who want (or need) to believe it. The perception that a lot of the world is rapidly reaching is that while meditation and spirituality are good, faith is for weak people who need something to comfort them in the face of the all-encompassing abyss that is death.

It’s time to step up. Man up. Load up. We can’t take this lying down any more; it’s 2012, our time to shine and we can’t afford to be laughed up given the severity of the turbulent and glorious times ahead. Either we become more forthright and transparent, or we basically look like Joseph Smith.

You’ve seen that South Park episode, right?

Dimensions With A Vengeance

Ok, now that we’ve gone over what dimensions are and proving they exist, let’s go for the most important part of any subject: How can we experience these other planes for ourselves?

Well, physical transmission to other frequencies is very, very difficult, and only a few people in the known history of the world have ever managed to complete this ascension. Since the difference between dimensions is essentially vibrational frequency, and consciousness affects matter on a quantum level, one must have a very high level of consciousness to modify their frequency.

There are several notable examples of this in religious texts, Jesus’ ascendancy, the rebirth of Set, the many tales of Atlantean aetheric construction, but what we’re going to be concentrating on are documented methods that can supposedly be used to reach these other dimensions yourself. I have little to no scientific data on this, so bare with us- the theory is solid, but the proof- well, the proof is the experiences you have yourself.

Method 1: Astral Projection

Probably the most well-known dimension-hopping technique is Astral Projection, a method by which the consciousness of the person engaged in the activity leaves the body and travels in a space known colloquially as the “Astral Plane”.

This state can be induced in a number of ways- drugs, guided hypnosis, near-death experiences, brain-chemical imbalance- but the most common, safe and simple method is meditation. It is said that almost everyone with the willpower to do so can engage in astral projection, so really it’s just a case of practise.

The Astral Plane is home not only to people who are choosing to inhabit this space- dreaming humans accidentally end up there too, as well as astral beings ranging from the angelic to the demonic, but as it’s a purely perceptual reality nothing there can harm you. It’s also a massively rewarding experience, and can have massive benefits psychologically, as well as mentally.

There is never anything wrong with examining your consciousness.

Either way, without pricey equipment or even the need to leave the comfort of your bed this is the easiest method of experiencing another plane of existence, and I’d wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone. The validity of the phenomenon is always under scrutiny, as remote viewing has sketchy results at best, but at the same time the consciousness of lucid dreamers and astral projectors can be measured, and science has encountered startling results that point to this being a ‘real’ thing.

For some more information on how to experience this mind-altering and beautiful phenomenon, there’s plenty available out there, but the most comprehensive guides are probably, and of course the spirit science lesson on Astral Projection! Oh, and don’t forget to check out my article on the Merkabah, which is a type of spatial vehicle used by beings which travel inter-dimensionally!


Method 2: Channelling

Channelling is one of those topics that spiritualism covers which I’m just not sold on. Schizophrenia, psychosis and just plain lying seems far more likely to me than pan-dimensional beings wanting to talk with people who usually end up very very rich by telling people what they want to hear. We must be aware that frauds exist- but at the same time there are some channellings which are unequivocally accurate, as proven by time.

Because of the validity of occasional channellers’ words (for example Edgar Kayce’s knowledge of geological phenomena like polar shifts which are now proven to be fact) does give at least a little credence to the reality of their claims. There is something to be said for the insights of humanity, but we must be careful as to whom we decide to trust.

The method of channelling isn’t exactly a method to experience other dimensions for yourself, merely a way of getting second-hand information from other beings who decide to talk to us. Indeed, the majority of people pray every day, and while those prayers generally go unanswered it should be noted that they are always heard, as conscious thought can be said to travel between dimensions, especially when coupled with such a powerful engine as belief and faith.

The danger of channelling, if indeed you do manage to get it to work, is that you must be sure to practise discretion with the information you receive. You’re speaking with something that’s not necessarily going to be entirely truthful, and may even just be a reflection of your own mental faculties communicating with you from your subconscious mind; whether you perceive it to be truth or not, it’s always best to meditate and check any information, whether the source is metaphysical, or just another person.

Until I do more research on this highly disputed practise I’m going to cite it as a method, but just put a disclaimer on it: Don’t believe anyone you don’t trust implicitly, and for the love of God if someone asks for money to talk to a dead family member don’t give it to them. People make small fortunes by defrauding the weak and proclaiming themselves to be spiritual leaders, and tragically some people even buy into their own bullshit and start spreading their ego all over their words like so much unwanted cream-cheese. Oh, and if you wanna read some of Edgar Cayce’s channellings, here you go:

Method 3: Research

You’d be astonished how much can be learned about the world around us simply by going out and enquiring as to what it all means! The world- and the spiritual world especially- is filled with ways that you can fill your head with all kinds of fantastical knowledge and experience.

The closest a lot of us get to astral travel or experiencing other worlds is going to be reading about them, and the more you learn the more you’re likely to find out how you can experience the stuff written about first-hand. Spirit Science is a great example of this, and will more than likely help you to experience your own life in a totally different way (I know it helped me).

Research is just a way of expanding our physical minds by filling them with knowledge. It’s just like G.I. Joe always said- knowing is half the battle! And if you’re battling ignorance, well… Knowing is 100% of the battle. The experiences we have in this life are all, in a way, a form of research- and if you believe the Jainist theory then every experience we have, good and bad, leaves an indelible Karmic mark on the soul which only goes to positively benefit our lives.

Just get out there and learn as much as you can! It’s the next best thing to actually doing it!

Method 4: Die

Now believe it or not I’m not recommending that anyone try this. Responsible, eh?

Death sucks. It’s not something any mortal wants to experience, and I’m not going to pretend not to know anything more than I do, so for the love of God don’t go killing yourself to experience other dimensions, because fuck it- that’d be stupid of you. Really, really stupid. Everyone dies, after all, and you’re alive for a reason; no matter how pointless it all seems. Life is hard, but we gotta give it our all, so that when we’re ready to kick the bucket we can smile, and say “I’m glad I lived my life.”

Either way, read my 21.3 grams article for more on the human soul and death, I just hope that you don’t face death with fear- not because I have any certainty, but because fear will only make our struggle harder. I love you all, readers. Just try not to die, okay?

Anyway, this seems like a good place to end our talks on dimensions- I hope you enjoyed this little series, and that you learned a little from it, even if you disagreed with what was said. Disagreement is, after all, just a way of personally re-affirming our own beliefs, and I’d love to hear what you chaps have to say about your own experiences, so please; discuss!

Get out there and experience life! Dimensions are just the background of our reality, and we ourselves are the main event. Not even egotistical. Perhaps Shakespeare himself said it best:

All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players

Is this about perceptual reality? Who knows. Perhaps the bard knows enough.

Dimensions 2: Dimens harder

Ok, the last article was a very, very brief overview of the spiritual view on dimensions as opposed to the mathematical view and I think it went pretty well. There were a couple of misnomers thrown in for good measure, but in the end it’s all basically a foundation for what is to come. This time we’ll be focussing on the theories supporting the existence of multiple realities and introducing interdimensional transit!

The first thing I’m going to explain to you is the quantum observation phenomenon as demonstrated by the infamous quantum double slit experiment. The experiment itself is pretty simple- matter, when shot through a sli- actually, there are a million YouTube videos which explain this better than I ever could. Here is just one of them:

Is your mind blown? Back in school this was one of the things which interested me the most about science, and at the same time caused the most intrigue as to what the ramifications could be for this incredible phenomenon. Why, if consciousness is not an issue in science, would the very act of observing something affect the way it acted, and why the hell would matter act like a waveform? Well, theorists have speculated on the matter for decades, and the current understanding of quantum weirdness is inconclusive at best.

The first theory of why this occurs is the “Quantum Immortality” theory, which speculates that when a person dies, since that person is incapable of perceiving a universe in which they are dead a parallel reality is created whereby they did not die. This theory is known colloquially as “the quantum machine-gun”, and is the very basis of the idea of a perceptual reality.

The second theory is that matter is not just matter. It is the possibility of matter, a wave and neither all at the same time- rather than being tied to just being one thing. This idea has been applied at great lengths to computing, and has been attempted as a means to replace binary mechanics to exponentially boost processing speed. It wouldn’t just be “Yes/No” any more in terms of computing, but rather “Maybe”, which is infinitely more powerful than anything.

There are a bunch more theories about why observation changes the outcome of the experiment, but for me the most compelling thing to come out of this experiment is the simple answer: “I don’t know.” That’s what it’s really all about- science has reached a point where something utterly bizarre has happened and there is literally no answer for why.

This is the opposite of what experiments are supposed to do.

For me though what this has ultimately proven is that human consciousness- whatever it may be- has some tiny effect upon matter in our dimension. This, as far as science is concerned, is nonsensical; why should the mere fact that a person sees something change how it behaves? Well, from a spiritual standpoint it’s pretty obvious to answer: “Well, why shouldn’t it?”

The theory of ‘higher dimensions’, or planes of existence is based around this very idea; the idea that human beings can interact directly with matter with nothing more than their ability to observe, and a little willpower. Naturally, we’re existing in a corporeally based reality, in that as far as we know nothing more than the physical exists, however the fact remains that quantum science has proven that conscious observation alters that reality. The conclusion we draw from that?

Perception. Alters. Reality.

It would be flat-out ignorant of us to ignore the first-hand experiences of people who claim to know more with regards to why this is the case, and when you realise that these stories all corroborate one another (with the exception of Kathara, which I’ll be discussing in a little while) which is a colossal web of lies to have set up and maintain. Unless it’s not lies. Which would make more sense. Because hundreds of people who’ve never met or spoken before couldn’t orchestrate such a brutally evil scheme.

So, what do these people say about dimensions? Well, they claim that as we move up the dimensional scale the interaction between matter and consciousness rises- in the third dimension we unintentionally control photons at a quantum level, but in the forth we have far more power. This scale continues and continues until we as beings exist in a manner which is factually indescribable since language itself cannot accurately depict the plane on which we would then exist.

Sacred Geometry in Quantum Atom Theory: Oh look, it's the Fibonacci Spiral.

Seems pretty farfetched, right? Well, yeah, of course it does- and if you want to draw your own conclusions about Quantum Observation, check this site out. With this said, how does this affect the idea of separate conscious realities or dimensions? Well, since it has been proven that consciousness can alter reality, that in itself is compelling proof for the possibility of other states of being which can alter physical reality, which can further be backed up with further evidence.

This evidence is heavily related to psychotropic drugs- a commodity commonly utilised by the USA and USSR during the cold war in attempts to create psychic operatives (Psi-Ops). Specifically, we’re going to be talking about Dimethyltryptamine (DMT), a naturally-occuring psychedelic substance produced by the brain which has been proven to be the cause of many Near Death Experiences.

As the body approaches death, massive amounts of DMT are released into the bloodstream, causing massive hallucinations which sceptics have attributed the belief in life after death to. This is, of course, a possibility- spiritualism could be massively deluded, and the world could be purely a mass of chaos and corporeal, chemically based beings with no hope and an inevitable trip to the void ahead. I, however, disagree with this theory.

Large numbers of cultures worldwide have a strong history of the spiritual use of drugs; Native Americans have their peyote, Rastafarians have cannabis, the idea of ‘expanding’ the range of consciousness through naturally-occuring chemicals is hardly a new thing. DMT itself can be brewed inexpensively from simple corn grass, and while The Study of Spirit does not condone doing so, it should be noted that many South American cultures use DMT to expand their minds, often in conjunction with Christianity.

The DMT molecule in all its simple glory

The spiritual use of drugs is a discussion for another time, however- right now we’re going to concentrate on one tiny aspect of this remarkable drug. As I said before, there are hundreds of accounts of people’s experiences on other dimensions and planes of existence, and these are largely dismissed as bunkem by the scientific community, which is fine.

Fine, but negligent.

The experiences subjects using DMT have described are, usually, fairly cohesive in their description which is remarkable given the borders of ethnicity, culture and (quite frankly) time that these subjects’ lives span. There have been frequent tales of strange metallic beings, primal creative energy, bizarre colours and indescribably sights and sound, and all of this is consistent among all who experience it.

This shows both the link between the consciousness of the human species (as theorised by the Global Consciousness Project and Robert Kenny in this article and explained in the Spirit Science movies regarding consciousness ‘grids’) and also gives a tremendous amount of credibility to the spiritual theories of alternate dimensions. This is because in order for this consistency of experience, the consciousness of the person must be experiencing and observing a reality which physically exists in one form or other- and given the enhanced control that subjects of DMT experience (sort of like a lucid Acid trip) it matches nigh-on perfectly with the spiritual theory of the forth dimension.

There are incredible things to experience that humans are quite capable of observing, and as such changing- just like the Quantum Observation Theory. Every credible source of information on spirituality corresponds to these experiences, and enjoys quite bizarre consistency which boggles the mind. The next question, of course is how do we get to experience these things for ourselves. DMT is, in most places, utterly illegal and nobody wants to go to prison, so we have some pretty heavy-duty options to experience this pandimensional travel, and none of them are particularly easy.

Now there are plenty of ways to travel interdimensionally, but this article isn’t all about that; for that you’re gonna have to wait for next time. For now, I’m simply gonna give you some information sources to read up on which go through the basic techniques:

Anyway, thanks for reading this (brief) overview of some of the evidence for multiple dimensions. The possibility is proven through quantum theory, and backed up by decades of human experience, and yet the scientific community still requires more proof. Thankfully, with the advent of the LHC, negative-space architecture and the discovery of the higgs-boson we are approaching the knowledge of the truth. The truth is what matters most, and pretty soon we’ll all be party to it.

Roll on 2012!


Anyone in the modern world who passed through school at even  the most rudimentary level can explain to you the basic theory of dimensions. They are the mathematical expressions of physical objects- “shapes”, if you will, and they are explained thusly:

1D shapes: A theoretical single point in space, conceptual or physical with no length or breadth. Literally just a point. (almost impossible to achieve in reality).

2D shapes: A series of forms connecting 1D shapes- representations of data which only exist in one direction and form the most basic shapes.

3D shapes: 2D shapes which extend in another direction and connect several two dimensional planes creating an object which has length, depth and breadth.

4D shapes: OH GOD HELP. It’s a shape which exists within itself and in the same tem̢̟̙̱̭̼p̹̭̥̜͉͜ọ̮͉̯̗ͅŗ̫̬̜al̴̰͇̖̫̥̝ ̹̮̼̣̦̺̫͟a͈̰͚̟̙nd̸̙̝̮͍̖ ̣d̝͚͠i̥̪̘̼̻̝ͅm̭̻̲̠̞̙ͅe̬̩̣̦̟̯n̥̦̞̩ș͔̙̙͡ͅi͓͉̙͈̬̠o̗̻̮ͅn͎̩à̞͚̙̙͉l͍̫ ̦̣s͇̭̺̗̻̻̕p̺̞̜͍̀ac̢̫ḛ͇̼̝͚̜͔ ̨̮b҉ú̗̙̜̮̻͈t̮ ͕̙͍̞̀a͇͈̝̻̝͞s ̨d̳̭͍̪͎̗͜i͈̙͇f̳̜̝͍͕͔̠f̳̻̻̜͔e̫̗̜̹̳̬͜r͙͖͕̭̗̯̫e̝̮͕̹͕̝̖͡n̡̙̪̺̫͔͓t̫̼̱̱̘ ̼͉͖͖̟̠̹͠ḿ̠͔̭̣̟̠͈a̮̦͚̲̙t̠̥̼̤̮h̪̲̥̗e̸̼̰͚̝̤m̯͙̱̠̹̕a̢̖͉͍ͅt̙̪́i̙̩̻̪̭c̜͎̜̻̱͡a̺̩̲̟l͙͈̰̞͈̭̖͞ ͍̬e̬̣̞͖x͙̰̬̯̙͙́p̬r͏̟̮̭͖̯e̵̠̤͉ş̳͕̞̳̤si̛͈o̵̪̪̥n̻̦̣̩̬ͅs̡̟̩̘̯ ̖ọ͔͞f̠͍̤͍̠̦͜ ͚̖ͅì̗t̫̲̕s̺̞̼̤e̛̩̭l̥̤̙͎͝f̥̺̹̯ ̸̤̝̥ͅw͕̬̬h͎i҉͇̠͇͍̖̤̻ch̦̙ ̡̣̤m̢̟̙̱̭̼p̹̭̥̜͉͜ọ̮͉̯̗ͅŗ̫̬̜al̴̰͇̖̫̥̝ ̹̮̼̣̦̺̫͟a͈̰͚̟̙nd̸̙̝̮͍̖ ̣d̝͚͠i̥̪̘̼̻̝ͅm̭̻̲̠̞̙ͅe̬̩̣̦̟̯n̥̦̞̩ș͔̙̙͡ͅi͓͉̙͈̬̠o̗̻̮ͅn͎̩à̞͚̙̙͉l͍̫ ̦̣s͇̭̺̗̻̻̕p̺̞̜͍̀ac̢̫ḛ͇̼̝͚̜͔ ̨̮b҉ú̗̙̜̮̻͈t̮ ͕̙͍̞̀a͇͈̝̻̝͞s ̨d̳̭͍̪͎̗͜i͈̙͇f̳̜̝͍͕͔̠f̳̻̻̜͔e̫̗̜̹̳̬͜r͙͖͕̭̗̯̫e̝̮͕̹͕̝̖͡n̡̙̪̺̫͔͓t̫̼̱̱̘ ̼͉͖͖̟̠̹͠ḿ̠͔̭̣̟̠͈a̮̦͚̲̙t̠̥̼̤̮h̪̲̥̗e̸̼̰͚̝̤m̯͙̱̠̹̕a̢̖͉͍ͅt̙̪́i̙̩̻̪̭c̜͎̜̻̱͡a̺̩̲̟l͙͈̰̞͈̭̖͞ ͍̬e̬̣̞͖x͙̰̬̯̙͙́p̬r͏̟̮̭͖̯e̵̠̤͉ş̳͕̞̳̤si̛͈o̵̪̪̥n̻̦̣̩̬ͅs̡̟̩̘̯ ̖ọ͔͞f̠͍̤͍̠̦͜ ͚̖ͅì̗t̫̲̕s̺̞̼̤e̛̩̭l̥̤̙͎͝f̥̺̹̯ ̸̤̝̥ͅw͕̬̬h͎i҉͇̠͇͍̖̤̻ch̦̙ ̡̣̤ ĭ̢͓͖̲̭̜͕̱̤̲̱͇͍̮̻̘̖͓̦̱̋̔ͩ͆ͦ͐ͤ́ś̍̑͒̎͛́ͥ̿͛̔̽͑ͦ͌҉̭̼͉̰̮̩͍͎͍͎̞͞ ͧͩ̓̓̓҉҉͎͍̬̹̠̫̭̟͈̹͚̬́t̶̢ͭ̒́ͯ̆͂҉̙̳͇̻͕̻̫̙ͅỉ̵̶̋͊ͦ̿ͫ̃̔̎̓ͩ͒̈́ͨ͌͌ͨ҉̢͙͚͕̖̰̯̤͇̗̝̹̣͖̹̦͍͈͕m̧̛̳̱͉̦̤̰̰͕̣͖̠̩͎̎̑ͥͣ̄ͬ͑͐ͧ̀̍̀ͅe̴̜̻̰̲̙͓̭̤̭ͭ̑ͣ̋̏͛ͮͪͧͮ̋͋͟͡.̵̸̲̗̲̮͒͂͐̀̈͛̋͋ͩͪ̍ͤͪ̕͢ ͕͚̪̟̻͓̬̣͕̻͕͔̺͙̜̠̦͔͛͊̂̇̑͌ͯ̓̆ͣͩͨͭ̐̅̚̕͘ͅO̷͆̌́ͥ͐͋ͮͧ̐̆͂͑̇̈̇ͧ̚͜҉̰͖͖͇͍̫͈̥h̵̴ͮ̉̽͆̾̇̃ͩ͏̵̨̤͇̙̥̜̞̖ ̷͇̟̼̖̻͇̭͇̬̩͇̲̼̻̬̯̑̐̆̽ͬ͑ͤ́g̰̩̝̦̯͖̩̘͚̬͍̬͉͔͙̃͋̌̎̃͐̊͗ͨ́ͨ̏̂͜o̸͔̘̱͚̥̊ͨ̅͐̓̑̿̉ͪ̚̚͟ǫ̶̷̛͇͇̗͓͚̳̼̦͚̥̳̼̖̮́ͤ͋͐ḓ̡̢̥̥̳̰̬͗͊̉ͪ̏̑̂ͦ̓̑̆̊͂̽̈́̽̈́͜͞ ̴̵̪͚͙̲͓̹̹̼͓̪̳̳̹̄ͬ̽ͭ̃̈̿͌̑͂̉̇ͥͮ̐̚͜ͅḷ̡͍̣̻͓̮̝̘͔͖̙̼̘̫͔̭̖ͧ̈́̒ͮ̏ơ̡̨͎̥͉̤̺̱̱̪̜̗͚̻͔̂ͣ̽ͦ́́ͅͅr̶̢̡͓͕͈̘̩̠͎͉̞̗̠͎͕̣̘̯̹ͥ̅̾̄͜͟d̷̛̜̟͔̮͓̙̭̲̘͌̊ͩ͆̔̄ͪ̾̋͆́ͧͣ̿͟͟͝ ̴̛͙͔͚̬̩̩͕̦̪͙̥͇̬͖͑͋̃͌͒̀͑ͭ͒ͭ̓ͯ̔̔ͅṫ̶̫̠̝̼ͨ̊̔̈́̈́ͤ́̚͡h̢̛̝̹̝͋ͪ͋ͫͮ̑ͅį̣̰̙͓͇̬̆ͤ͛̂́̇̈́̒̊̒͑̀̚̕s̡̝̖͙̭̣̲̫̪ͬ̉ͧͧ̈ͫ͒ͮ͡ ̴̵ͦ̉̀͗̏̔̃̈̀͏̼͍͖̪̤̖̞̟̙̺̻̞̖̖͠i̤̹͇̟̰̜̥̙̯̣͕̱̹̜̝̻͔̹̾̊̾́ͯ̽ͬͥ͗́̀͠ͅș͚͙̮̭͕ͯͬͨ͋̄̋͐̇̄̈́͂́ͥͥ̈́̓ͫ͟͞͝ ̴͈̟̩̘̬̝́̎͂̊͌́̀̚͠ç̸̩͉̪̄̆̋͝ͅo̢̪̺͖̙̰ͥ̆̐͒̈̾͌͛̀͒̃͒͞ͅm̧ͣ̒ͨͦ̓҉̛̹̠͚͚̝̪̗̫̩̪͎̖̼̫͖̱͕̖̀͘p̊ͦ͐ͥͥ́͐̚̚҉̷̘͙̗̲l͍͈̭̻̠̺͉͔͍͈̊̅ͣ̎̒̍͋̈̋ͩͥ͗̆̅̄͐̓͊̿͡͡ͅi̷̸̷̥͓̥̘̰̙̘̣̟͙͓͚̹͓̯͚̖̅ͥ̽̃͡c̶̸͋̾ͨ̈́̓̓ͬ̈̾͏̪̭͈͚͔̜͢͠a̢̤̦͇̤͕̗͖̭̠͔ͬ͂̿ͪ̊̏͆ͧ̾ͪ̎ͭ͌̚͡t̷̋ͪ̔̊̉̎͠҉̛̘̩̻̹̩̱̗͕̟͠ȩ̵͍̹̫̯̮͇̞͔̙̤̌͑̋d̷̗̮̥͇̩͖̲̺̤̰͔͈͖͍͖̮̿͒̇͗͗̌ͤ̉ͭ͌͟.̡̢̡̩̻̼͖̼̘̱̙̽̑͆͑̈́̈ͤ͗̈́͗ͪ̀͡




So basically we’ve got the dimensions of length, breadth, depth and time. The four dimensions around which normal mathematical perceptions of reality are based. This is widely taught, understood and is excellent for understanding the world on this plane of existence. This, however, is not the theory of dimensions about which we will be talking today.

The spiritual understanding of ‘dimensions’ could not be more different than the theories described above. They are not dissimilar to the popular science-fiction theories of parallel worlds, which are also often described as dimensions- infinite numbers of planes of existence stacked on top of one another and all varying in complexity. These planes are separated very simply by different vibrational wavelengths, each layer resonating at a different level- but we’ll go into that in a moment.

It’s pretty difficult to even conceive of the complexity of the dimensions above our own, but I’ll try to explain: We, as human beings, exist primarily on the third dimension. We are “third dimensional” beings, existing on the ‘physical’ plane of existence which we see, hear and feel around us. Below us are the first and second dimensions, which exist in the same physical space that we do, but are far more basic in their construction.

Consciousness has very little influence over matter in these dimensions, and they are ‘smaller’, in that the molecules entrapped in this space is more densely packed. The physical beings there, while sentient, are largely corporeal and as such exist very simply and primevally- not violently, but rather as beings of raw, untapped emotion and thought.

Now, the dimensions ‘above’ ours are the interesting one- the first of which probably being the one we are all most familiar with, the forth dimension or ‘astral plane’. This is where our spirits go when we astral project, and naturally we can see down into the third dimension, but they cannot see up without actually consciously looking for it in very specific ways. The forth dimension exists at a higher vibrational frequency than the third dimension, which is why our physical beings cannot be transported there easily, while our souls or ‘spirits’ are able to traverse the bridges between dimensions fairly easily.

The physical method of inter-dimensional travel is known as ascension, and that’s a subject for another time, and is also the basis for the aetheric construction of many of the world’s sacred sites and indeed the Merkabah.

Anyway, above the forth dimension is the fifth dimension, and so on and so forth with increasing emphasis on spirit (consciousness) and each one existing in increasingly complex and interactive realities ad infinitum. It is not known precisely how many dimensions exist, but most spiritualists believe that the highest ‘conventional’ beings exist as 12th dimensional entities, and are completely beyond our understanding.

Now, all of these ideas are, of course, purely theoretical and are fiercely debated at all times by the spiritual community. Kathara teaches that there are only fifteen dimensions, and each one is separated into realms which do constant battle with one another; other viewpoints express that lucid dreaming takes place on the forth dimension but is remote viewed.

It’s infinitely complex, but at the same time is given a lot of validity simply due to the fact that in spite of the huge catalogue of opinion the basic theory of vibrational reality remains consistently held by all groups. This is also a good time to mention the links between this supposed stack of ‘vibrational reality’ dimensions and a scientific theory called ‘string theory’.

String theory is very similar to the spiritual belief in dimensions, and boils down to the idea that everything we perceive around us is in fact composed of vibrating strands of matter which make up the fabric of the universe, right down to atoms. The vibrational frequency of a substance is what defines its qualities, and how it interacts in conjunction with other substances- harmonics allowing for chemical bonding at a sub-molecular level. It’s impossible to prove, of course as we can’t see down that far, but at the same time the fact that we’re in the early stages of discovering the vibrational nature of the universe does bode well for the science of spirituality.

All in all we know this much for certain: The human spirit is capable of traversing dimensions. My previous article on the existence of the soul showed that upon death the human spirit goes somewhere, and since every spiritual and religious belief in the world has at least a theory on the different planes of existence I suggest we don’t write them off. These views are largely consistent, and usually differ only in semantics- heaven, hell, perceptions, karma; they’re all connected in ways that we’re only just beginning to understand.

If you’re familiar with the 12th Spirit Science movie on human history then you’ll no doubt be aware of the rise and fall of humanity as a dimensional species, and I know I’ve plugged this video before, but if you’ve not seen it you really should. Now, go and read around about other dimensions, just beware that some people may try to warp your perception to meet their own, and that as much as we love to rise, those who claim to rise are the ones who inevitably fall.

Crash and burn.